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Swan and Vintage Radio Trader

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This page is provided as a service to Swan collectors and others associated with Vintage Amateur Radio activities.

In order to sustain the use of older American amateur radio equipment, it is necessary to make easy movement of these radios into the hands of interested hams. To make this possible, we will list your for sales, trades and wants here.

Also, we want to be helpful to the buyer and seller. In this regard, we ask that you provide the serial number(s) of the equipment you are listing. By these numbers, we can determine the production run, date of manufacture, associated schematics and service bulletins and so forth. We don't print the serial numbers in the ad unless requested by the seller.
NOTE: Although we do our best to assess the value and condition of listed items, we cannot vouch for the worthiness of any listing.

Please advise us when and if your listing has been satisfied. Without any notification as to status, phone numbers are removed after 60 days and entire listing after 90 days.

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08/16/2019 For Sale: SWAN 117X, 117XC Upgrade Boards
I have the upgrade boards for the Swan 117x, 117xc power supplies available from my online store at
If you don't have  internet access you can call me at (903)-873-3135.
If I don't answer  please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I drive a school  bus and I can not answer the phone while I am driving.
I have other  brands too.

Thank Rusty (WK5R) "Wk5r Circuit Boards"

05/30/2019 For Sale: SWAN 500, 500CX, 700CX
Hello, I have reached a point where I have to down size and move to a smaller house here in Florida.  I have let the radios go too long without using them.  So they are not working, or it could be the power supplies.  But I am willing to sell them for $70.00 each plus shipping.  Each weighs in about 20 lbs then add 5 lbs for the box and packing.  I do not want them to go to the recycler as when I was more active, they performed wonderfully.  Now they need to feel better and start burning up the air waves.

Here is the list:

500 H286319  -- This was used by a previous owner as a mobile rig and I used it as a mobile rig and base station. 500cx  I660657  -- This was upgraded by John B.(2057 power tubes rebuilding the power deck) 700cx 21223c  -- uses 8960 tubes  -  When powered on a cap blew in the power deck

Then other two I could not get to power up.  Don’t know if it is the power supplies or what.  The meter slowly pegs and stays there.

There are two power supplies that are in their original cabinets.  One has a speaker built in.  I am unable to test them.  I will do them for $50.00 plus shipping

I have two power supplies that are not in cases.  One was used mobile with a DC power converter.  One that as I was lighting up the radio, blew a capacitor.  It did not pass the smoke test. These I will do $25.00 a piece plus shipping

I have one DC converter for the car.  I do not know if it still works or not.  This I will do for $10.00 plus shipping. I have two power cables, which I will send with two of the radios. 

These will be well packed, that is the reason for the selling price and my time. 

Thank you.   Bill Mayfield, N0VOM


09/27/2018 For Sale: SWAN SW240
 Swan SW240 tri-bander with power supply and meter for sale.
In working condition. $200 OBO plus shipping or pickup in Granbury, TX (near Ft Worth)
Email or E-mail:

09/03/2018 For Sale or Trade: SWAN 100 MXA
 I have a Swan 100 MXA in excellent working condition for $150 plus shipping.
Comes with MFJ-945E & CE-1 Balun
Dave Larson. I am in Louisville, KY E-mail:

For Sale: Swan 117X Upgrade Kit:
Kits available to replace the Swan 117 X/XC PC board and all components with modern day technology. These kits have proven to be excellent replacements. All components except the transformer are replaced.
KB7BGS for more info. The cost per kit is $75.00 plus shipping. If you order more than one shipping will be combined.
My e-mail is Thanks, Stephen/KB7BGS

ELECTRON TUBES: RCA JAN-832A Unused/NOS W/Bright Red Label. Have (2) $12 Each. Contact:

Turbos Treasure Chest of Electron Tubes

New/Used Parts & Service:

Antique Electronic Supply - Electron Tubes
Mouser Electronics - HV Capacitors
Lashen Electronics - Contact Cleaner
DowKey - Coaxial Relays
John West Red Salmon - Fishing in the Great Outdoors

Cubic Communications, former manufacturer of both Swan and Cubic amateur radio equipment, has authorized Jim Singleton Publications(formerly Brock Publications) to produce Instruction and Operating Manuals associated with all Swan and Cubic amateur radio communications equipment and accessories. In recent years, Atlas and Siltronix Radio manuals have been added to the list of available publications.

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