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Sounds Page

     The sounds a glider makes is many, and if you listen very closely, you can here the difference in them. Some are similar others are very distinctive.. My gliders name is Baybe Gizmo, as in the gremlins, if you listen very closely, and pay attention to them while they are making their sounds, you can almost hear them speak. It won't be hard to start putting words to their sounds.
     I will try to explain them the best I can... The names are direct links to the sound, so you can hear them as well. On some the volume has had to be increased as to make it clear as to what it sounds like. Some of these files are pretty big, so please be patient, as they are worth the wait.
     I wish to take this time to thank Ruth of SugarGlider Information Exchange for some of these sound files.


BARK - this is an interesting sound, it sounds much like a puppy yipping.. The meaning of this is still unknown, you must pay attention closely as to what is going on around your glider at the time, also listen for any other noises, even faint ones in the distant. Some ideas as to what this means are..

  • 1.  Some say this is to call out for other ones of their "Tribe", or their "person"
  • 2.  For attention from their "person". I know a woman whose glider will bark at her in the middle of the night, crawl into his pouch when she looks at him and continues to bark until she literally rocks him to sleep. When she stops, he will continue to bark again, so she will rock him till his sleep is deeper. This is one spoiled glider..
  • 3. Some say it is a warning sound. When the Alpha Glider fears of something that may be a threat, it may bark. I know of an owner who says every time her dog goes near the cage her glider will bark till she goes in and gets the dog out of the room.
  • 4. Story telling. By far this is my favorite. We have sometimes 4 gliders in the cage at a time, mom, dad and offspring. while all are out playing Dad will bark, the others stop, frozen right where they are, and listen all so intently, until he is done. We call that the story time..
  • 5. In reply to sounds out in the distant. We have beagles that stay outside. One night one of our beagles was barking, and our glider barked back, this was too cute for the first hour, but then it continued, back and forth. I would get one shut down, then the other would start again, back and forth this went on for an hour and a half. I finally had to turn on the radio to get some sleep.

  • PURR- This sounds very much like a tiny kittens purr. It is very faint and methodical. It is a sound of contentment, just as a kittens would be.  This sound is also one that few people get a chance to hear. With it being so faint, unless the glider is very close to you, for example in your pocket or on your chest, the chances of being able to hear it, is based upon the trust that your glider and yourself has built between you. This sound, had to have the volume increased, the mic was placed directly on her and volume increased by 150%

    CRAB- This is their only defense, short of biting. This is an interesting sound, it sounds much like a locust at night.. graduating in pitch then decreasing. It is very loud and makes them sound like they are much bigger than they really are. When you hear this sound, freeze, don't pull back and don't move forward. The reasoning is simple. You want them to trust you, if they are making this sound, the trust is not there yet. If interpreted, this means "Leave me alone, I am scared to death"

    HISSING - This is yet another sound depending on where they are and what they are doing. So I will try to explain the best I can..

    CHATTERING - This sounds much like a squirrel clicking , very short, very quick taps.. we usually hear this each morning when our male hears up come near the cage, we interpret it as " Good Morning" or "Hello, glad to see you.".

    CHIRP - This actually sounds like a gurbuling sound,  most often, (but not limited to) heard while eating their fav foods.. this clip was turned up in volume, many times so as to get a good idea what the sound is. Definitely a content sound.

    CRYING - This is a sound most generally heard by joeys, or gliders that have just went into a new home and is crying for their mom and/or family.

    SINGING - Glider moms sing to their babies while they are still in the pouch, this is a very sweet and rhythmic sound, and you can definitely tell she is singing to them.. It sounds very much like a churble and changes in pitches and sounds. Much like our music, no two songs are the same. Each time I hear it, I know, and it is by far one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.

    FIGHTING/MATING - Now,  how to tell the difference,  is to learn your gliders.