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Happy Cracking in the Year 2000


Welcome to the new home page of Playstation Cracks. Updated as often as I can, but not as often as I'd like ..... Neil.

Thanks must go out to Lasse Danielsen
the original designer, and Webmaster of this page. And current Webmaster of

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Playstation Cracks

From The Happy Cracker

May 17th

Added this new Home Page, I would appreciate ANY feedback, good or bad
You guys have to use it, so if it doesn't work tell me.
To those people that have recently sent me banners and links, hang in there, shouldn't be much longer.
Unfortunately, I have a Full-Time day Job, as well.

May 20th

Added the new Links Page, I would appreciate ANY feedback, good or bad, regarding that one as well Anybody wanting a link to their page, email me with details

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