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Peter D. Clark - Penniac Books

Updated March, 2009

CBC television's Program "Culture Shock" broadcast nationally refers to Peter D. Clark as The New Brunswick Apostle.

Peter D Clark

Peter Clark is a literacy advocate, writer, chronicler and self-publisher of New Brunswick folklore and true stories. Peter has spent well over $100,000 dollars to date towards the cost of publishing and printing the stories he has collected,{no grants}. Peter Clark is also a member of STORYTELLERS OF CANADA. In 1999, Clark completed a cross Canada Literacy and Book tour, over 20,000 kilometers from St. John's Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia. As of September,2006,Clark has shared his New Brunswick stories with over 50,000 school children here in Canada.

Clark has spent thousands of hours collecting, researching and promoting New Brunswick stories. He has also donated many of his books to schools, libraries and charities. His story-telling journeys take him to schools, libraries, senior citizen's homes, literacy events; wherever people gather. Clark is involved with the school program, "Writers in the School". Clark offers a special $10.00 per book price in his school visits to school children, teachers and libraries in promoting literacy and New Brunswick stories, for those who are interested.

Dr. W. Barry Miller, superintendant of schools says:"Peter Clark is fast emerging as one of Canada's foremost ambassadors for literacy. As an author, his commitment to public schools is unparalleled".

Clark has achieved Canadian Bestseller status for 5 of his books, "Woods, Streams, Ghosts and Hangin's", "Woods, Places, Bears n' Faces", "A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories", "Golden Memories of New Brunswick" and "Timeless Stories of New Brunswick", which is rare for a Maritime author! Also, his two books "A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories", Volumes 1 and 2 are two of the finest illustrated books in North America for the price bar none.

The books are some of the most popular by a New Brunswick author today. Clark's Books are gaining popularity across Canada. He has appeared nationally on television several times and internationally on the Discovery Channel. He has also been featured on radio and in newspapers from coast to coast. His books are available at your favorite book store, any Coles or Chapters across Canada or from Clark himself.

Clark has personally autographed books for the wealthy and famous, such as, Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, former NB Premier Bernard Lord, Don Cherry, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the Irving family and US Billionnaire, Joseph Cullman the 3rd to name just a few.

Peter Clark can be reached at Penniac Books, 634 Route 8 Hwy., Durham Bridge, N.B. E6C 2E2 , by calling (506) 450-8184 or by Email at


For more information on each book, click on the thumbnails below.
ISBN 0-9699648-1-1
Woods, Streams, Ghosts and Hangin's
Woods, Streams, Ghosts and Hangin's (A Canadian Best-Seller)
ISBN 0-9699648-0-3
Woods, Places, Bears 'n Faces
Woods, Places,
Bears 'n Faces (A Canadian Best-Seller)
ISBN 0-9699648-2-X
A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories
A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories(A Canadian Best-Seller)
ISBN 0-9699648-3-8
A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories II
A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories II
ISBN 0-9699648-4-6
Golden Memories of New Brunswick

Golden Memories of New Brunswick (Including a story on "Matt Stairs")
(A Canadian Best-Seller).
ISBN 0-9699648-5-4
Golden Memories of New Brunswick
Amazing Stories from New Brunswick.
ISBN 0-9699648-6-2
Timeless Stories of New Brunswick
Timeless Stories of New Brunswick.
(A Canadian Best-Seller)
ISBN 0-9699648-7-2
Treasured Memories
Treasured Memories