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Overview: Sunflower Hometown Advantage

This project will answer the question : How does the pH of locally collected rain water influence the development of the Sunflower.  This project has interdisciplinary lessons in Math and Language Arts, and includes Extensions and Enrichment Activities in Science and Math.

Easy Project:All You Need To Start Are The Following:

  • Local rain water
  • Sunflower Seeds --- we provide seeds when you sign up
  • Pots for planting --- we suggest at least 3 pots of 8 inches in diameter
  • Soil --- ordinary mix potting soil with no fertilizer added
  • pH measuring tool --- paper or meter
  • Light Source ---  100 watt bulb

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Background Lessons
N. J. Core Standards
Teachers Resources
Language Arts Activities
 Math Activities
Extension and Enrichment Activities

    This project was completed in conjunction with The Center for Improved Science and Engineering Education, Stevens Institute of Technology.