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Baha Al-Bahesh

In Nablus on Sunday 22nd September at approximately 12:30, 14 year old Baha Bahesh was deliberately shot and killed by an APC for no reason while accompanying four internationals activists. He was well known for volunteering with many international and Palestinian organisations and considered a good friend by many of the internationals in Nablus. We miss him.

  • Press release by the internationals present at the murder.


  • Photograph of Baha in Children's Demo at Muqata Checkpoint

  • 'Passport' photograph of Baha

  • Photograph of Baha in Itihad Hospital

  • Photograph of Baha carried in funeral procession

  • Photograph of Baha in the mosque

  • Photograph of Baha's grave

  • Photograph of Baha's family at the funeral


  • Report on Baha's murder by Ewa Jasiewicz

  • Report on Baha's murder by Hanin


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