The Bible versus science

Evolution taken on in class

Guardian Saturday March 9, 2002

Extracts from a lecture by head of science Steven Layfield
at Emmanuel College on September 21 2000

Those of us engaged in the struggle to show the superiority of a creationist world-view against the prevailing orthodoxy of atheistic materialism and evolutionism in science, have been viciously attacked.

[But] classroom practitioners must be prepared to express without compromise the integrity and infallibility of the biblical historical narrative.

The likelihood is that present curriculum constraints will substantially apply for the foreseeable future.

Teachers must therefore do all that they can to ensure that pupils, parents and fellow colleagues are reminded frequently that all is not what it seems when popular so-called scientific dogma presents itself.

Science teachers may care to try the following:

—Remind classes of great scientists from the past who have believed in God and the Bible.

—Note every occasion when an evolutionary/old-earth paradigm (millions or billions of years) is explicitly mentioned or implied by a textbook, examination question or visitor and courteously point out the fallibility of the statement. Wherever possible, we must give the alternative (always better) biblical same explanation.

—Display a variety of topical data not readily explained by current orthodox science. Eg: presence of information in DNA; lack of solar neutrinos; rapid decay of geomagnetic field; recessional velocity of the moon; lack of intermediate fossils.

—Organise talks by specialist scientists who are able to provide authoritative pronouncements in favour of the biblical world-view.

—Set up a forum in which topical items of science news are discussed within the school ... Students and teachers must be shown that what is served up as science for popular consumption is frequently riddled with subtle atheistic propaganda.

[Chemistry teachers] would do well to point out that no rock is unearthed with a clear age label and that dating processes in general are speculative, frequently contradictory and in many instances altogether incompatible with a great age.

—God records for us the sober fact of [the world's] fall and corruption... We may well consider invoking the historical fall event to explain effects such as lunar craters, certain pathological virus infections and various instances where nature now appears "red in tooth and claw".

The full text of this lecture has been removed from the Christian Institute site but is still available - click here.

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