"Who can stand before Me," says the Lord. "With a word I formed the heavens and earth and all of their inhabitants. My words are life. He who receives My words receives life, but He who does not receive My words no life is in him. For I am the Lord your God. With a rod of iron I shall rule over all nations and my people with me. Heed the voive of my servants. Take note of their words; for they speak for Me. Whoever receives their sayings receives Me, but whoever rejects them rejects He who sent them. I am the Lord. Whoever listens to Me shall be rewarded and eat at My table forever." [2000]

Praise the Lord. "What is faith- only believe." Hear God's servant and thus hear Him. Listen yourselves to His voice and believe His words. "Only believe, and all things are possible. Serve the Lord with all your heart, with your whole life. Withhold nothing from Him, and He will make you whole. It is through faith your sins are forgiven and through faith sickness and death are powerless to harm you. Be not consumed with the ways of this world, but be consumed with love and compassion by the Spirit of God. Those who hear these words shall be blessed, but those who do not hear shall not be delivered," says the Lord Jesus. Do you hear the words of our God? Then beware lest you fail to observe them. Praise God. [2002]

When I was considering my way and began to worry wether I was on the right path the Lord spoke to me and said, "I will put you where I want you. Don't be concerned with where you are to go and what you are to do. I will lead you down the right way, and you shall be content." [09-2002]

Furthermore the Lord said, "Seek Me: serve Me: love Me, and I will comfort your soul. I am all you need. Follow Me. Have your delight in Me. Then you will be prospered, and I will give you the desires of your heart. I will walk along side of you and keep you from falling." [09-2002]

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