Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation

Lesson One: The Atonement - God's Provision for Man's Sin



When God created man, it was His desire to have a family of men and women in His likeness and in His image with whom He could fellowship, share His life, and love. God spent the first five days of creation preparing a home for the sons of His love. The Lord God created all the stars of heaven, the sun and the moon to give light upon the earth for His sons. All the beautiful flowers, trees, mountains, rivers and all the brilliant colors of the world were given and prepared for the enjoyment and pleasure of the men and women whom he would create to be His own. On the sixth day of creation, God made man and woman in His image and gave them the breath of life. God saw all His creation and acknowledged that it was good. God placed the man and woman He had made in a beautiful garden prepared just for them. Among the trees in the garden was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. God gave them permission to eat from any tree in the garden, including the tree of life. However, there was one tree from which God commanded them not eat; for if they ate from it they would die: The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Notice that God set before His beloved ones a choice of whether to obey God, love Him and live - or to disobey Him, not love Him and die. The God of heaven and earth has never forced man to love Him or serve Him, but desired that they would love Him and choose Him with their free will and from their heart.

1. What did Adam and Eve choose to do? (Gen. 3:3-6)

2. What was the secret motive of their heart? (Gen. 3:5, Isa. 14:13-14)

This is the basic sin of all men. Each has tried to be his own god and exalt his will above God's will.

3. On what three things were Adam and Eve's sin based? (Gen. 3:6, I John 2:16)

a. lust of the flesh

b. lust of the eye

c. pride of life

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life are the root causes to all sin.

4. What do we find God doing in the garden, and what was His desire? (Gen. 3:8-9)

God came to the garden to fellowship with Adam and Eve. They had broken His commandment and had gone their own independent way. By turning away from God in disobedience, man lost the blessing and protection of God and came under a curse and the power of the devil. There were cast out of the garden losing their fellowship with the Father. Because of Adam and Eve's transgression, the knowledge of good and evil has come to all men; every unregenerate man desires bent toward sin.

5. What does the Scripture teach about the spiritual condition of a man who willfully sins against God? (Rom. 3:10-19, 23)

a. (v. 10) none righteous

b. (v. 11) none that understandeth

c. (v. 11) none that seek after God

d. (v. 12) all gone out of the way

e. (v. 12) none doeth good

f. (v. 13-14) used deceit, mouth full of cursing

g. (v. 15) feet swift to shed blood

h. (v. 16) destruction/misery

i. (v. 17) way of peace not known

j. (v. 18) no fear of God

k. (v. 23) for all have sinned

additional scriptures Eccl 12:13-14 fear God and keep his commandments Psalm 112:1 fear God Prov 1:7 fear of Lord beginning of knowledge

6. If all have sinned willfully and are not seeking God, then how can men come to God? (Isaiah 19:20; Luke 19:10; John 6:44) send them a savior; seek and save the lost; no man come except through the father

additional scriptures

Luke 18:9-14 justified by God

Rom 10:8-10 confess our sins Rom 10:13 call name of Lord

1 John 2:1&2 advocate propitiation

7. Therefore what is it that brings men to repentance? (Romans 2:4) goodness of God

additional scriptures

John 8:1-8 conviction, the heart

It is the love and kindness of God that goes out and seeks rebellious men. It is the love of God that strives with the heart of men convicting them of sin and drawing them to Himself. It is the love of God that continues to push the stubborn and rebellious men into a corner until he gives up and surrenders his life of sin and death. Yet, God has given every man a free will to choose Him and live or to reject His provision and die.

8. Can we save ourselves by our own good works? (Eph. 2:8-9; Titus 3:5) grace; mercy

9. Can we be saved by keeping the law? (Gal. 3:21; Rom. 3:20) righteousness been the law; law knowledge of sin

additional scriptures

Ex 20:1 ten commandments

Acts 13:39 justified through Christ

1 Tim 1:8-10 law not for righteous man

2 Cor 3:4-11 letter vs the Spirit

10. What was Paul's testimony about himself in regard to the law and to sin? (Phil. 3:6; I Tim. 1:1:15) chief sinner

11. What was the purpose of the law? (Rom. 3:19-20) knowledge of sin 12. Under the Old Covenant, how was a man cleansed from sin brought into a right relationship with God? (Lev. 17:11) blood atonement additional scripture Gen 9:4 not eat blood The blood sacrifice as the atonement and covering for sin was instituted by God from the beginning of time. Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and finally the nation of Israel all offered blood sacrifices for the atonement of sin. God required animal sacrifices, for their blood is pure, innocent and undefiled; it is free from the nature bent toward sin. Under the Old Covenant, the shedding of this blood brought a covering and atonement for man's sin. 13. What did Jesus come to do? (Matt. 1:20-23: I John 3:5) save from sin; take away sins additional scriptures 1 John 2:2 propitiation Isa 7:14 Immanuel/Messiah/Deliverer Luke 4:18 Spirit of Lord upon me 14. What was said of Him? (John 1:29) Lamb of God additional scriptures Ex 12:3 Passover Lamb Isa 53:7 sheep for the slaughter The bloodline comes from the father. The Bible tells us that the life of the flesh is in the blood. In Jesus there was no sin. He was not born from Adam. The blood of God ran through Jesus' veins, and it was that blood which was shed for the sins of the world. 15. Is the blood of Jesus a better sacrifice than the blood of animals? (Hebrews 9:13-14) how much more blood of Jesus than animals (12-14) The atonement that Jesus made was greater than the atonement under the Old Covenant. His atonement was more than just an offering for the forgiveness of sins, because the forgiveness of sins was available through the blood of animals under the Old Covenant. 16. What did Jesus actually do for us on the cross? (I Peter 2:22-25; Gal. 3:13; Rom. 6:6-7) a. bore our sins/we can live righteous b. redeemed us from the curse c. made a curse for us d. body of sin destroyed additional scriptures Deut 21: 22&23 hung accursed of God Consequently, we see that the atonement of Jesus not only provide forgiveness but brought complete deliverance from sin, sickness and the curse. 17. What is the "New Covenant" that Jesus established and made available through His blood? (Hebrews 8:8-12; Ezekiel 36:26-27) a. (v. 10) put my laws in their hearts b. (v. 10) be a God c. (v. 11) all shall know me d. (v. 12) not remember sins e. (v. 26) new heart f. (v. 26) new spirit additional scriptures Rom 11:26&27 - covenant 18. How can we become partakers of this New Covenant? (Acts 2:38; Acts 3:19; Romans. 10:9-10) a. repent/baptized in name of Jesus b. confession 19. Why did Jesus come? (John 3:16-17) God loved the world additional scripture John 10:10 - life 20. Who is under God's judgement? (John 3:18-19) non believers If men reject God's provision for them under the New Covenant through Jesus the Messiah, there is no way they can be saved; for there is no other atonement apart from the cross of Jesus Christ. 21. What is the final end of all unrepentant sinners? (Matt. 25:41; Rev. 20:12-15) everlasting life; cast in fire additional scriptures Luke 16:23 Lazarus Matt 7:23 never knew you Jude 7 - Sodom 22. What is God's desire? (II Peter 3:9) all come to repentance MEMORY VERSES: MUCH MORE THEN, BEING NOW JUSTIFIED BY HIS BLOOD, WE SHALL BE SAVED FROM WRATH THROUGH HIM. FOR IF, WHEN WE WERE ENEMIES, WE WERE RECONCILED TO GOD BY THE DEATH OF HIS SON, MUCH MORE, BEING RECONCILED WE SHALL BE SAVED BY HIS LIFE. (ROMANS 5:9 KJV) WHO GAVE HIMSELF FOR OUR SINS, THAT HE MIGHT DELIVER US FROM THIS PRESENT EVIL WORLD, ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD AND OUR FATHER: TO WHOM [BE] GLORY FOR EVER AND EVER. AMEN. (GALATIANS 1:4-5 KJV)