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Jeff Sackmann

Welcome to my website!
Listen to my music, read my published articles, and find links to my blogs and organizations with which I'm affiliated.
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GMAT Hacks: Expert advice for the Business School admissions test.

Brew Crew Ball: Milwaukee Brewers (Baseball) Blog and Online Community


Online Projects

College Splits
We collect play-by-play data (and a whole lot more) for every Division I college baseball team, plus plenty of D-II, D-III, and NAIA teams.
On the site, you can see splits for top 2007 draftees.

Minor League Splits Database
Comprehensive situational and split statistics for all 2005-08 Minor Leaguers, organized by team, league and affiliation.

The Hardball Times
Read my columns every now and then, or view the complete archive: 2006 2007 2008.

Heater Magazine
I contribute weekly leaderboards and commentary on the minor leagues during the baseball season.



The GMAT Verbal Bible
Everything you need to know to ace the GMAT Verbal section. Hundreds of pages of tutorials,
plus 100+ practice questions and detailed explanations.

The GRE Math Bible
My one-stop resource for everything GRE Math. It includes tutorials on every math topic the
GRE covers, plus 200 realistic practice questions and 500+ exercises.

The Graphical Player 2008
It gets better every year. The '08 book debuts my three-year, multi-level projection system, and includes a
whole host of new features, including hitter spray charts.

The GMAT Math Bible
My one-stop resource for everything GMAT Math. It includes tutorials on every math topic the
GMAT covers, plus 200 realistic practice questions and 500+ exercises.

The Hardball Times 2008 Season Preview
For the '08 edition, I wrote the team essay and player comments for the Baltimore Orioles.

The Hardball Times 2007 Season Preview
My contribution: the team chapters for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Baltimore Orioles.

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2007
I wrote the World Baseball Classic Recap and the Postseason Review. In my humble opinion, it's
the best baseball annual out there, with great commentary, better analysis, and fantastic stats.

Graphical Player 2007
I provided commentary on 150 hitters and a brand-new section: The Graphical
Minors. There's no fantasy baseball guide like the Graphical Player.



Oy Christina! Big Band (2002-2005)
Listen to A Thousand Miles (studio version)
Listen to Beautiful (studio version)
...more clips and information to come.

Oy Christina! Quartet (2000-2002)
...clips and information to come.

Small group jazz (1999-2001)
...clips and information to come.




Red Sox Pay $51 To Talk to Japanese Pitcher
NPR Morning Edition, 11/15/2006

Q&A With The Hardball Times Jeff Sackmann
The Cleveland Fan, 3/13/2007
Successful Blog Report: Interview with Jeff Sackmann of
Inspired Blogger, 09/18/2007




Get Rich Slowly
How to Earn Extra Income Through Private Tutoring (published 11/27/2007)

Baseball Analysts
The Worst Minor League Defenders (published 12/1/2006)
The Best Minor League Defenders (published 11/30/2006)

Mets Geek
Minor League Defense (published 11/17/2006)

Baseball Prospectus
Prospectus Notebook: White Sox (published 7/28/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Twins (published 7/27/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Astros (published 7/21/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Brewers (published 7/14/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Angels (published 7/07/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Braves (published 6/29/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Astros (published 6/28/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Cubs (published 6/23/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Brewers (published 6/21/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Angels (published 6/14/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Braves (published 6/08/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Astros (published 6/01/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Cubs (published 5/26/2006)
Prospectus Notebook: Brewers (published 5/17/2006).

Baseball Digest Daily
Creeping Toward #714 1935: a look back at the acrimonious end of Babe Ruth's career.
Celebrating Frank Robinson: On the heels of Robinson's 1,000th career win, a look back at his astounding rookie season.
Harvey's Wallbangers: The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers squad against which all other Brewers teams will be measured.

Beyond the Boxscore
2006 Team Previews: Milwaukee Brewers, pitchers (March 29, 2006)
2006 Team Previews: Cincinnati Reds, pitchers (March 31, 2006)
2006 Team Previews: Houston Astros, pitchers (April 1, 2006)

Book Reviews
The Last Nine Innings (Brew Crew Ball, April 6, 2006)
The Glory of Their Times (The Inside Game, April 2004)
Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1860-1901 (The Business of Baseball)
Book Review: Baseball's Greatest Season, 1924 (

Scholarly Papers
Challenging Everyone: The Capital City Base Baseball Club of Madison, Wisconsin, 1865-1870
(blurb) (Paper presented at 2004 Seymour Conference, full text coming soon)
"But Few Can Touch Him:" George Wilson and Integrated Wisconsin Baseball, 1905-1907
(Paper presented at 2004 SABR National convention, full text coming someday)

Everything Else
"The Curse of the Saxophone Quartet" (Chamber Music, June 2006)