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International Aquaculture Assessments Inc.

D e f i n i n g     r i s k s     f o r     b e t t e r     d e c i s i o n s

The IAA Assessment Teams apply a matrix analysis to the on-site risk assessments that
are primarily designed to answer two very significant and fundamental questions ....

Is a particular area capable of sustaining a long-term viable aquaculture operation?

How secure are the private or public investments in that operation?

The IAA risk assessments will assist growers, government agencies, investors, lending institutions, feed companies and insurance providers by equipping them with better information upon which to base sound decisions related to both freshwater and marine aquaculture operations. IAA's expertise and service is a valuable tool in the initial and ongoing evaluation of all types of aquaculture activities in finfish and shellfish production. The IAA risk assessments include Pre-Site Evaluations, Preliminary Risk Assessments, Full Risk Assessments and Annual Audits according to the client's specific needs. Using a matrix analysis applied against specific parameters within the Categories of Site Attributes, Adjacent Land Use, Condition of Site Equipment and Structures, Stock Health Profile and General Management Practices, IAA will provide a rating factor upon which to base decisions about a site and the operations. Annual Audits will, on an ongoing basis, further identify both the strengths and weaknesses of any given operation so appropriate remedies can be applied to ensure that the integrity of the equipment and the stock are not compromised in any way. While IAA is established in Atlantic Canada, it is structured to serve the North American and Global markets.

Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)
Risk Assessment & Policy Association (RAPA)

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