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September 2011

Dear Members and Friends of the Holland Club of New Orleans.

This is just a short newsletter to keep you all informed about the Holland Club for the new club year.

On the 11th of September 2011 the Club held the traditional start meeting for the 2011- 2012 club year at Max and Cily’s residence. (Thanks Max and Cily for opening your house again and providing delicious snacks and beverages.
The order of the day was to elect the Board members for the new year. Here they are, I added phone numbers and email addresses:

President Max Winkeler 504-392-1140
Vice President Eric Gossiaux 504-392-0399
Secretary/Treasurer Cily Winkeler 504-392-1140
News Letter Editor Jean Boost 985-630-9971
Trustee Malcolm Burns 504-486-7793
Trustee Margareth Schroth 225-766-4747
Trustee Mar Schuller 504-887-9408
Trustee Elly Weathers 504-722-0765

We would like to thank the leaving Board members, Johanna Coumou, and in particular Jan and Miep Theuns who have been on the Board forever.

Now just enjoy the meetings!

The new Board sat together to discuss this new year. At this moment we have the next upcoming parties:

Sunday November 6, 2011 – 1:00 PM – auction party at Eric’s house. The club will take care of fried chicken with some trimmings.
1048 Kingsway Dr. East, Terrytown LA 70056 Please contact Eric if you have any items to auction.

Sunday, January 22, 2012 – 1:00 PM – Indonesian dinner, prepared by Sylvia with help of Elly and Cily. This will be held at the Winkelers. 38 Yellowstone Dr., New Orleans LA 70131

Sunday, March 18, 2011 – 1:00 PM – “Winterkost” potluck party at the house of Malcolm and Linda Burns. 1320 N. Rendon St. New Orleans LA 70119

Of course we hold on to the coffee meetings. All present on this meeting got a paper with the scheduled coffee meetings up to September 2012. For those who were not there, I will add it here in this news letter.

Holland Club Coffee Meetings 2011-2012

September 17 La Madeleine 3300 Severn, Metairie
October 15 Still Perking Corner Washington and Prytania, New Orleans
November 12 Caffe Caffe 4301 Clearview Pkwy and Fairfield St, Metairie
December 10 La Madeleine 5171 Citrus Blvd Elmwood Shopping Center, New Orleans
January 14 Parrot Pete’s 1901 Manhattan Blvd, Harvey
February 25 Caffe Caffe 4301 Clearview Pkwy and Fairfield St, Metairie
March 24 The Casino at City Park
April 14 La Madeleine 3300 Severn, Metairie
May 19 Parrot Pete’s 1901 Manhattan, Harvey
June 16 La Madeleine 5171 Citrus Blvd Elmwood Shopping Center, Metairie

The club is still healthy on finances, but we are all depending on the dues: If you have not yet paid, please do so by sending a check to Cily Winkeler, Treasurer.
Single member: $25
Families: $50

Please keep an eye also on the website at:

Be safe and healthy,

Jean Boost,
Newsletter editor.