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Holland Club Newsletter September 2010

Dear Members and Friends of the Holland Club of New Orleans.

• Hello all members, On the19th of September the Members of the Holland Club held the first Meeting of the 2010-2011 club year. This pleasant afternoon was held at the home of our President Max- and our secretary Cily Winkeler. Gracefully, they both accepted another year of seving the 2 top positions. We, as members have to thank them for their willingness and great dedication to the cause of the Holland Club. After the get-together the boardmembers conducted a short bussiness meeting. As follows.

Here are the Minutes of the Club Board meeting September 19, 2010.
1. Membership: members are coming and going. Max suggested, that we remain having our eyes and ears open when we hearsomebody speaking Dutch. It would be nice to have some new members.
2. Our finances: They look good. Cily had copies of the 2009/2010 balance sheet. The end amount shows that we have around $400 more than in the beginning of the club year.
3. New officer: as Myrtha Lovelace was a boardmember and has passed away, she needs to be replaced. Johanna Coumou will ask Joke Mondada to take her place. If Joke is not available, Elly Weathers suggested to ask Mar Schuller.
4. Upcoming events:
a. Sunday, November 14, 2010. Visit of the "Two Dutch Ranch" near Franklinton. This Ranch is owned by Sophie and Richard. Phone# 1-985-515-6091. We have to get with the owners about the time of our arrival. We will try to get everybody to go by carpooling.
b. Sunday, January 9, 2011-Reception at the American Legion Hall.
c. Sunday, March 20, 2011- Visit "Camp Salmen " in Slidell behind Johanna's house . She will investigate for picnic/and/oor barbecue facilities.
d. I e-mailed APAS for the date of the 2011 festival to put on our agenda.
e. Sunday,May 15, 2011-Indonesian Potluck at Elisabeth and Tom Michaud's house.
f. Memorial Day Event in Jackson. At our January Party we will ask, who is interested to go there and discuss transportation.
Auction: As the Auction we just had in the afternoon being a success, there was a vote for another one in January. There were 5 votes for and 2 against. Members will be notified about another auction.
As there were neither old nor new items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

The November Coffee date will be on the 6th at Rendez-Vous, General de Gaulle WestBank.

As I hope, you all are aware by now, that Eric' s eldest daughter Emily, who is a very talented art student in New York, fell victim to a horrible accident. She collided with a huge truck while riding on her bike. She sustained very serious injuries and the road to recovery will be a long, difficult one. Eric and his wife are with her and by texts we hear , that there is promising good news. We have to keep the family in our prayers and thoughts.

• Since, we do not know if Eric will be back before the end of the year and we do not want to burden him with Holland Club affairs the Boardmembers have deciced to change the location of the New Year's Reception. It will be held the same date, but her comes the new address:

PARK TIMBERS CLUBHOUSE, # 1 Park Timbers Drive, New orleans, LA 70131.

From the East Bank crosst the CCC Bridge and take General de Gaule East Exit (keep left at the fork). Continuing on De Gaule until Holiday Drive. Cross this Holiday Dr and take a right on Park Timbers. Directly passing up Rousse's you will see the fence of the Clubhouse. First building on your right with ample parking space at the side.
In addition, since Eric was the fabulous auctioneer at the Sept. meeting and he volunteered to do it again, we will discuss to have this event at a future meeting.

• Then, just for your info some news out of Holland.

New Premier: Mr. Mark Rutte

Former: Jan Peter Balkenende got a Mercedes Benz Sport as goodbye gift from his colleagues. Closing of many, many Public Libraries in the country.

The very first News on Dutch TV was in May 1956, without a newsreader (anchor).

With regards, Johanna Coumou, Newsletter Editor. 1-985-788-8730





•Max Winkeler, President, Holland Club of New Orleans.

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