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November 2011 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of the Holland Club of New Orleans.

We have some changes in the scheduling of activities I would like to inform you about.

As you know, the auction that was planned November 6 had to be postponed due to Eric’s sister-in-law's passing. The auction party is now on December 4th, still at Eric Gossiaux’s house, starts 1:00 PM. The address is 1048 Kingsway Dr East, Terrytown LA 70056. Please contact Eric if you have any items to auction. Everyone may bring up to 2 items to auction off to the members. Fried chicken and other delights will be served provided by the Club

On Sunday January 22, 2012 we will enjoy an Indonesian dinner prepared by Sylvia Schrijn, assisted by Elly Weathers and Cily Winkeler. We start at 1:00 PM. This will be held at the Winkelers’ home: 38 Yellowstone Dr., New Orleans LA 70131

Winterkost potluck party, Sunday March 11, 2012 will be at the Daigle’s summerhouse in Long Beach, Mississippi. The address is: 223 S Island View, Long Beach, MS 39560. We will call everybody and try to carpool as much as possible.

Potluck party, Sunday May 20, 2012 will start at 1:00 PM and will be at the Burns’ residence: 1320 N Rendon St, New Orleans, LA 70119

We like to welcome new members: John and Catherine Damen. They live in Bourg, (near Houma) Louisiana.

Max and Cily have visited the Dutch Fliers Memorial Ceremony in Jackson, Mississippi. The following is their story.

Dutch Fliers Memorial Ceremony

Every year in Jackson, MS a ceremony is held on Memorial Day for the Dutch fliers who trained in the USA between 1942 and 1944. In total about 400 flyers trained there at the Air Army Base in Jackson called Hawkins Field. 30 died due to crashes while training. They are buried on a plot donated by the USA to The Netherlands and called: Cedar Lawn Cemetery.

After the training some the flyers were sent to the UK to fight on the Western front while others returned to the Dutch Indies. Some came back after the war because they had married or were engaged to American girls. As far as we know only two flyers of that school are still alive and far in their nineties. Colonel Sanders who himself fought in the Vietnam and Korean War took it upon himself to beautify and maintain the Dutch plot and even a monument was erected with all the names of the perished flyers laying there.

Needles to say that we made friends in Jackson and heard stories about the terrible time the relatives had in the concentration camps during the Japanese occupation.

This year the ceremony was again led by Conny Willems. Cily and I went there as well as we plan to do each year.

The ceremony this year was held on Veterans Day and most likely it will stay that way in the coming years. Sadly, October last year Colonel Sanders died. (Cily and I both went to the funeral of this great human being.)

The task this year was taken over by the Director of the Armed Forces Museum Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg, MS, who worked with Colonel Sanders in the past. We visited this museum the day before the ceremony where a permanent exhibit was dedicated of the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School.

I recommend all our Holland Club members to visit this beautiful and instructive museum that is smaller than the World War II museum in New Orleans, but extremely well designed.

Our own Bep van Battum was married to one of the pilots trained in Jackson and last year she joined us where she met one of her old friends, Lois Lange, whose husbands’ remains are buried at the Dutch plot.

Every year 2 military attachés of the Dutch Embassy in Washington DC come to the ceremony and lay a wreath at the monument after remembering the sacrifices made by the Flyers. Each year there is also a keynote speaker. This year Major General (Ret.) Wayne Burkes gave a very eloquent and touching key note.

The ceremony is open for all who are interested in and care about the American-Dutch cooperation during World War II.

Max and Cily Winkeler

In closing, may I wish all of you very happy holidays!
Please keep an eye also on the website at: Be safe and healthy,

Jean Boost

Newsletter editor.