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Holland Club Newsletter November 2007

Dear Members and Friends of the Holland Club of New Orleans.

As your editor had to go unexpectedly to Holland, because his youngest brother died, I, as your secretary and treasurer, will attempt to fill this page and let you know about the latest decisions of the Board.

First, we cancelled our Sinterklaas Party which would have taken place at the house of Wil and Wim Hooghuis, because several members let us know that they will not come. Max and I realized that there are members, however, that would greatly miss enjoying the Sinterklaas "lekkermijen" / goodies. Therefore we offer to those members to come to our home on Sunday afternoon, December 2, 2007, at 1:00 PM and we will take care of having all those goodies there for everybody to enjoy. This is an “unofficial” get-together and you only have to bring yourself. We don’t exchange presents, but we will of course, sing all the Sinterklaas songs we remember. Please call in advance to let us know if you are coming. We will not be emailing or calling to remind you because this is just a social occasion, and it is not an official club event, but everybody is welcome.

Because the club is saving money not having this Sinterklaas Party, we are able to have a New Year’s reception. We planned it for Sunday afternoon, January 13, 2008 at 1:00 PM in Terrytown, at Post 378 of The American Legion. The building is located on 431 Holmes Blvd. The club will have this occasion catered. Therefore it is necessary to let us know, if you are able to attend. Please call our house. We hope the phone will be ringing off the hook! To get there: when you cross the bridge, take the Terry Parkway exit and Holmes Blvd is at the 2nd stoplight to the left.

A map from Yellow Pages, can be seen by clicking the following link: The American Legion Post

At this New Year’s reception we will have an inquiry about activities for the rest of the club calendar year. It would be also wonderful if you could come up with a new idea. This is your club and any input of anybody is most welcome.

A final remark is about membership and dues. Several people didn’t pay their dues which were due September 1st, 2007. The Board members discussed this problem, and came up with the following: we are sending a reminder with this newsletter to those members who didn’t yet pay. Anybody who doesn’t have paid before our next meeting on January 13, 2008, is not longer considered a member and we will discontinue sending information about future events.

Last but not least, we scheduled the following coffee meetings. They are all planned on a Saturday and we meet at 10:00 AM.

Mark your calendars:

1) December 15:   La Madeleine at Elmwood Shopping Center, Metairie.
2) January 5:   Common Grounds, 335 Huey P. Long Ave. Gretna.
3) February 9:   Still Perkin, Corner of Washington and Prytania, New Orleans
4) March 29:   Rendeze-Vous, 3001 General De Gaul, Algiers
5) April 19:   Puccino’s, 3128 Magazine Street, New Orleans
6) May 24:   La Madeleine, Severn Ave, Metairie

Cily Winkeler, Secretary/Treasurer Holland Club of New Orleans

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