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The Holland Club of New Orleans


Max Winkeler, Editor. 38 Yellowstone Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131, (504) 392-1140 e-mail address:



February 2006


Beste Club Leden/ Dear Club Members


Here is the first News Letter of 2006. Last year has been very trying for many of us and for quite a number of members the agony is still not over. Nevertheless we are happy to see that many came back to the city (town by now!) and trying to get their life back on track even when the track may be different from what it was before Katrina. We wish you good luck and if we can help let us know.


1.    Saturday, December 3rd we had a Sinterklaas Party at the home of Marjolein and Jos Wolke. Here is the commentary from our Secretary Eric Gossiaux:

“This report was promised by me during the Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) Party. For those of you who attended might have heard me say, “don’t rely on a report right away. You might be waiting for a long time”. Here it is, two months after the party. I will become better with this as time passes by.


The Sinterklaas party was a success! The family of Jos and Marjolein Wolke and their daughter, again opened their home and entertained the 21 guests by serving food and drinks. Your dues paid for all the refreshments and I personally thank all of you for your contribution.


Everyone who attended brought a gift to share with each other. The women brought wrapped presents for the women as the men brought theirs for the men. Myrtha Lovelace brought a few extra gifts for the women as did Jos for the men. During the celebration, Jos, as the host, was designated Sinterklaas. He chose to allow the eldest, down to the youngest, to select the first present. All of us who attended now know how old we are!


Before the next eldest person was allowed to select a present a short poem accompanying the present was read aloud for everyone to hear. Some were pleasant to listen to as well as some funny ones too. Of course most were in Dutch as well as in English. Then the process was again followed by the next person. One by one with excitement we took our turn in selecting and opening a wrapped present.


The joy of Sinterklaas was evident when mostly everyone started singing some Sinterklaas songs in Dutch. What a wonderful feeling I got when I heard all of you singing. I need to consider learning to sing some songs in Dutch too. The Club should continue to sing Sinterklaas songs as a tradition every year. So for all you who didn’t attend this year’s celebration you missed a heart warming gathering. Until next year, relearn some old Dutch Sinterklaas songs. Until then, see you. Eric “

Eric has tried to translate his review in Dutch electronically. Unless you like Zuid-Afrikaans (Boers) the translation is somewhat difficult to read and therefore not published here.


This year we had already 2 meetings/parties.

2.    The well attended New Years Cocktail Party (January 1) at our house where we wished each other a better year than 2005 and

3.    The Winterkost Party (February 5) in Slidell hosted by Theresa and Victor Pouw.

Great dishes were prepared by the members such

as split-pea soup (erwten soep), kale (boerenkool),

brown bean dish (bruine bonen), Sauerkraut with

white beans and a delicious corn chowder prepared

by our hostess.

35 members and guests attended this event and

had a very good time. We like to thank Theresa

and Victor again for their hospitality and Madeleine

for showing us her progress in playing the violin.


In a meeting on February 3, the Board discussed the activities program for the coming months. I may remind you that you are always welcome to make other suggestions. A museum visit and a theater play or concert comes to mind. Here is what we have planned. Please make a note on your calendar to keep those dates free.

1.    On March 19 (Sunday) at 2:00 pm Cily and I will host a Cajun Pot-Luck party. So open your local cuisine cookbook and see what interesting dish you can prepare (or buy when you really can not cook it yourself). Desserts are of course always also welcome.

2.    Our Honorary Consul of the Netherlands, Constance Willems will hold a reception on April 30th to celebrate the birthday of Queen Beatrix. Although her actual birthday is on January 31st. But that day can even for Dutch people be too cold to be long outside

and watch firework or dance in the streets.

Therefore previous Queen Juliana’s birthday

is used in stead.

Contrary to the date in the previous letter,

the Holland Club now plans to celebrate the

birthday of the Queen on Saturday April 22

and make that a “Games” day starting at

2:00 pm at the residence of the Wolkes. If

you have a special game you like, bring it

with you.


3.    For Saturday May 20, we plan to visit the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom.


The cost is $ 11.00 for seniors or $ 14.00 for adults. Which does not mean that seniors are no adults ! The safari tour is per covered wagon. There are only plant eating animals such as zebras, giraffes, deer, lamas and camels. If you rather like to stay in the picnic area, you don’t have to pay. We will meet at the Lakeside Shopping Center near The Red Lobster at 9:00 am and from there we carpool. Take your own lunch with you.


4.    Because of the absence of many members during the vacation period, we plan no activities during the months of June, July and August.


5.    In stead of in June as mentioned in the previous letter, we know plan to have the Indonesian Pot-Luck Party in September (tentatively Sunday the 10th at 2:00 pm) ) at the residence of Mark & Madelein Manes in Luling. Directions will follow later, but here is already the address: 314 Beaupre Dr. Luling LA 70070.

Most likely we will have that day again election for Board of Trustees members for the club year 2006-2007. Please think about making yourself available and electable for a position.


6.    If any of our members is willing and has the space to host a party in the future, we would appreciate to hear from him/her. And think also about other activities. Some of us have made now several bike trips varying from 10 miles to 50 miles.

Here is an input from our Vice Chairman and bike correspondent in Dutch:

Ook dit jaar zijn we weer van plan om van tijd tot tijd met een groepje “fietsende Hollanders” een tochtje in de omgeving te rijden. De eerste fietstocht is geplanned voor zaterdag 11 februari op de “Tammany Trace”. We vertrekken vanaf de “Mandeville Trail Head”.


Langzaam maar zeker lijkt de groep fietsers zich uit te breiden. Een goed teken, want ook op de fiets geldt: „hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugd“.


We rijden meestal een tochtje van zo’n 10 tot 15 mijl en stoppen ergens voor een koffie of lunch pauze. De ene keer stoppen we bij een koffiehuis of restaurant, een andere keer nemen we koffie en snacks mee en zoeken een mooi rust plekje op.

Niemand hoeft zich zorgen te maken over het tempo. We toeren, en nemen er de tijd voor. Soms strekt het peleton zich wat uit, en er vormt zich zelfs af en toe een kop groepje, maar niemand fietst alleen.


De locaties van de overige tochtjes voor dit jaar staan nog niet vast. Meestal rijden we wel een keer op de levee tussen Audubon Park en Destrahan.

Bovendien zijn er nog diverse andere mooie plekjes aan de „North Shore“.

Ik hoop dat de groep fietsers langzaam blijft groeien.


Voor de lange aftand fietsers: Ik heb de website van de MS Ride for Cure vandaag nog geraadpleegd maar het is nog steeds niet bekend of, en wanneer, de afgelaste tocht van oktober 2005 wordt gereden. Er was destijds sprake van dat de tocht in dit voorjaar zou worden gereden, maar tot dusver geen nieuws.

Jos Wolke






7.    Member information.

a.      A few members on the West-Bank took residence at “The Landing“ on 3601 Behrman Place New Orleans 70114 Those members are:

Jan & Miep Theuns. Apt. #134 phone: 504 361-7616

John Muysken. Apt. #314 phone: 504 450-5751

Myrtha Lovelace Apt. # and phone: not known yet. (March 2006)

Cily and I have seen some of the apartments in The Landing and are very impressed. We wish these members a good time in their new environment and hope that they will remain members of the club for a long time. Of course we will not have the opportunity to convene anymore at the homes of Myrtha (Halloween) or Jan & Miep in the future, but hope to find other members to open their doors. Myrtha, Jan and Miep, thanks for your hospitality during so many years. Keep going strong!

b. We have had contact with Olga Zenowich. She is home, but living in

a trailer until enough repair work is done to her damaged home.

Make note that her phone number is 504 722-5792

c. Mimi Miller is not coming back to New Orleans, but she would like

to stay in touch. Here is her address: 4960 Harrison Dr. Apt #226,

Las Vegas, NV 89120. Home ph: 702 451-1730. Cell ph: 702 439-

2627.    We wish her good luck and she will be of course always

welcome here.

d.      We have a few new members which we would like to introduce:

Willem and Henny Keij. Their residence is at 68 Yellowstone Drive, New Orleans, 70131. phone: 504 433-8522. They attended the last two parties and you may have met them therefore already. Because of Willem’s work they stayed in many countries and have a lot of stories to tell. A heartfelt welcome to both.

We have the names of two more potential members, but as long they are not official members, we will introduce them later.


8.    The Holland Club has a special registration form for (potential) new

Members. Connie Willems, our Honorary Consul will keep some copies at her office and refer to them when Dutch persons come to her office on Magazine Street. If any member need some forms, please contact me.







9.    50th anniversay of the Holland Club in 2007.

On exactly the 24th of January 1957 the Holland Club of New Orleans was officially incorporated according to the document in our archives (see picture) . The club was founded however already in 1955. We want to celebrate this anniversary in a special way and the Board therefore would like to invite the membership to come up with suggestions.


We found quite some interesting information about the HC of NO in the “inherited“ archives.

I took the following data from the yearbook of



a. Jan Theuns was President from 1963 till 1965 (became member in 1963!)

b. Beppie Michaud was already a member in 1969 and maybe even earlier

c. Bep van Battum was Vice-President from 1969-1970

d. Wim en Irene Klarenbeek became members in 1964

e. Eugene and Nanne Meliezer also already members in 1969

In 1969 the HC had 65 members of which 30 families and 5 individual.


In case any of our present members has any old pictures or documents about members or events, please contact the Editor. We would like e.g to compile a list of all the previous board members through the years.


10.           Miscellaneous.

  1. We still have 12 beautiful Dutch desk calendars for 2006 left. They are not only functional but the pictures inside are marvelous. We will bring them with us to the next meeting, but you can already let me know when you want one.
  2. We also still have some Holland Car Stickers for your bumper or windows.
  3. Now and then we hear from members that they know about a family or person from Dutch heritage, who is interested to get more info about the HC. Please let any of the Board members know and we will contact them. Ask for address, phone number and e-mail address.





11.           Bitterballen Recept Cily Winkeler



You can use any kind of meat. I prefer chicken.


For appr. 100 bitterballen you need:


2 lb meat (boiled and shredded)

appr. 2C broth

8 T “margerine” or butter (= 1 stick)

1 C flour (all purpose)

2 T parsley (it makes a difference if you use fresh parsley!)

½ tsp salt

1/8 tsp each of nutmeg, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, celery salt, paprika, curry

(don’t go overboard with the spices, first taste the end result before you add more).


In a regular pot meld the butter and add the salt and the nutmeg, etc., stir well. Add the flour and after the butter and the flour are combined, add the broth, little by little to prevent making lumps. The roux should be stiff enough to roll the balls. At the end add the shredded meat and the parsley. Bring it to a boil, stirring continuously. Taste this mixture and see if you want to add anything more of the nutmeg, and/or etc. *


After the mixture has cooled down, form small balls. You then first roll them through breadcrumbs, then egg (add 2 T of water to each egg and beat well) and again roll them through breadcrumbs. Your “bitterballen” are now ready to be deep fried until they are golden brown. Enjoy!


* If you, by accident, add too much broth to the roux, you can make the roux stiffer by adding cornstarch or gelatin.









12.           En nu even lachen. Wees voorzichtig wat je aan kinderen vraagt !


TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America.
MARIA: Here it is.
TEACHER: Correct.  Now class, who discovered America?
CLASS: Maria.
TEACHER: Why are you late, Frank?
FRANK: Because of the sign.
TEACHER: What sign?
FRANK: The one that says, "School Ahead, Go Slow."
TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?
JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables.
TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell "crocodile?"
TEACHER: No, that's wrong.
GLENN: But you asked me how I spell it.
TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?
TEACHER: Where did you come up with that?
DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O.
TEACHER: Winnie, name one important thing we have today that we didn't
have ten years ago.
TEACHER: Millie, give me a sentence starting with "I."
MILLIE: I is...
TEACHER: No, Millie..... Always say, "I am."
MILLIE: All right... "I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."
TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when
people are no longer interested?
HAROLD: A teacher.


Tot ziens/ Till then/ Au revoir/ Wiedersehen