The Holland Club of New Orleans Bylaws


Article I – Name of the Corporation


A non profit corporation, incorporated on January 24, 1957 in the State of Louisiana, United States of America, is to be known as:

The Holland Club



Article II – Purpose


The purpose of the Club shall be to provide and nurture an environment for people of Dutch ancestry and others with interest in past, present and future Dutch culture by means of language, social and/or business interaction, on regular scheduled basis. To this end typical Dutch and East & West Indies cultural events may be observed and celebrated as agreed upon by the membership.



Article III – Main Address


 The main address of the Association is that of the President of the Board of Trustees. Such address may be changed by decision of the Board of Trustees.



Article IV – Duration of the Corporation


 The Corporation shall remain in force and effect starting on January 30, 1957 until its dissolution.



Article V – Membership


 1.      There shall be two (2) types of membership:

(i)                  Regular Member

(ii)                Honorary Member; decided by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees


Voting rights in this corporation shall be limited to active members in good standing.


2.      A Member shall be considered in good standing as long as all such Member’s Corporation dues have been paid in full and personal behavior is not considered objectionable by 51 % of the general membership decided by vote at the general meeting.


3.      The amount, manner and time of payment of dues shall be fixed in the annual meeting of members. Non-payment of dues shall subject the member to suspension or expulsion.



Article VI – Board of Trustees


1.      The business of the Association shall be managed under the direction of its Board of Trustees who shall be elected by the Members to hold office until the next  election and until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified.


2.      The Trustees shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast in the election.


3.      The Board of Trustees shall include:

(i)                 President, who shall have been a member of good standing for at least one year.

(ii)                Vice-President

(iii)               Secretary

(iv)              Treasurer

(v)                Newsletter Editor

(vi)              Membership Officer

(vii)     Trustee at Large


4.      The board of Trustees shall meet at least once every calendar quarter in person. All Board meetings shall be called to order and presided by the President or, in his/her absence, by the Vice President.


5.      Each Board of Trustee meeting shall require the presence or participation of at least four (4) Trustees.


6.      In case of a tie-vote by the Board of Trustees, the vote of the presiding Trustee shall break any such tie-vote.


7.      In the event of a vacancy of a position the Board of Trustees during the term of such Board, the President may, only during the remaining portion of such term and with approval of the Trustees, assume or delegate the Trustee position vacated until the next annual election of Trustees as specified in Articles VI(1) and VIII.



Article VII – Funds and Financial Resources


1.      The financial resources of the Association shall include annual dues paid by the Members, gifts and grants given to the Association, and any other financial adjustment for the purpose of balancing the annual balance sheet of the Association.


2.      An annual balance sheet for each fiscal period from January to December 31 shall be submitted to the members for their review and approval at the time of the annual meeting and elections specified in Article VIII.


3.      With respect to each fiscal period, a Member of the association who shall not be a Trustee during such period shall be appointed by the President to act as financial auditor for the purpose of reviewing, recommending and opining on the annual balance sheet for such fiscal period.



Article VIII – Members’ Meeting and Elections


1.      Every two years in September, a meeting of all Members, either in person or by proxy, shall be held at such time as the Board of Trustees shall determine.


2.      At least thirty (30) days prior to each such annual meeting, the Secretary of the Board shall give notice to the Members stating the time and place of such meeting, as well as, its agenda which shall comprise at least the election of the Trustees as specified in Article VI (1) and the acceptance of the annual balance sheet specified in Article VII (2).


3.      All decisions at the annual meetings shall be by simple majority of the voting Membership present or represented by duly signed proxy statements. Only Members in good standing, as specified in Article V (2), shall be entitled to vote or be represented at any such annual meetings.


4.      In addition to the annual meeting to be called by the Board of Trustees, at any time during a calendar year one third (1/3) of the Members may demand a special membership meeting. If so requested, the Secretary of the Board shall give notice to all Members stating time, place and agenda of such special meeting.


Article IX – Amendments


These by-laws may be amended or repealed in whole or in part, and new by-laws may be adopted, at any meeting of the Members by a fifty-one percent (51 %) majority of the Members present or represented by duly signed proxy statements.



Article X – Dissolution


Dissolution of the Association must be approved by three-fourth (75 %) majority of all its Members in good standing.



Amended and approved by the Members present on September 11, 2011


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