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Updated June 6, 2020


To prevent inconsistencies and unfairness, the board has introduced the following rules with regard to attending parties or social gatherings at a members' home of the Holland Club for non-members:
1. Non members that have never attended a party or social gathering scheduled at a members' home of the Holland Club are allowed to attend one party or social gathering for introduction purposes. If there are any cost involved for attending the party, non-members also have to pay the cost. Family members of the host are exempt.
2. Non members have to pay membership dues if they want to attend any party or social gathering at a members' home of the Holland Club for the 2nd time. Family members of the host are exempt.
3. Children up to 18 years of age are considered a member if their parents have paid the membership dues for a family.

A Registration form is available for you to Download, print and sign. Depending on the occasion we'll see you soon at 10:00 or 13:00 uur.

Please do visit our activities posted on Auction and more to come calendar and photo gallery. The Calendar section is located on the "Home" tab.

Another choice for information can be found at the following Shutterfly website Holland Club of New Orleans LA

January 2017 was our 60th year when the Holland Club of New Orleans became in existence. We celebrated our 60th anniversary birthday on Sunday 12 March at The Columns Hotel.

View the Mississippi Public Broadcasting documentary on YouTube videos about the "Dutch Wives" and the full documentary of "The Dutch Flyers Over Jackson"

Emilie Gossiaux is using a "Brain Port" device loaned to her for study. To view her while she draws or paints on white paper with black strokes on YouTube, click here

May 2012 after Mother's Day, Emilie Gossiaux was flown down from New York City to address the graduating class of 2012 at NOCCA. The inspirational speech was addressed in front of the Class of 2012, their parents, friends, guests and teachers. On stage at NOCCA

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