Archives of 2003

Halloween 2003

Christmas 2003

Thanksgiving 2003

Booth of The Netherlands at UNO International Night


Erie Meliezer, Joke Mondada and Elly Weathers

Lee and Theresia Ong, The Meliezer's (Jerry and Nanne) anniversary, and Jean Boost

From left with Miep and Jan Theuns, Bibi Wolke, Jean Boost, Myrtha and Mr. Lovelace, and Lee Ong

Give her a call and say hello to Marian van de Ven

Jan Theun, Rien van de Ven, and Miep Theuns

Can you tell the difference between an American or a Dutch pancake plate?

Melanie Belsom and Albertine Dede deciding on choice of food.

Picnic hosted by the Dutch Club of New Orleans

Picnic entertainment by the Jos Wolke

Picnic illusionist Jean Boost imitating the juggling act

Marian and Theresia trying juggling act

Winterkost Ladies of the Club

Newly Elected Holland Club Officers for 2004

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