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The Dentist-1996

PRODUCER- Pierre David~ DIRECTED BY- Brian Yuzna~ STARRING- Corbin Bersen
Brian Yuzna is also one of those rare directors who is willing to take a chance on showing the audience something they have never seen before. "The Dentist" is perhaps not the most "horrific" film to apply that genre. It's actually more of a character-based thriller than a horror movie. Yuzna's talents have definitely given "The Dentist" more of an edge, as opposed to what the results might have been had another director been at the helm. The budget of "The Dentist" didn't allow for computer-generated effects, but it didn't really need them. The key to "The Dentist" would rest in the believability of what was created, not how far the cast and crew could go. It is the pure realism and the "cringe factor" which really make this film. "The Dentist" may not be viewed as an out-and-out horror movie, but because the people involved wanted to see quality make-up effects, they were delivered, and I think that this has given the film a very special touch. "The Dentist" is a very underated movie and was not appreciated by the critics. This was mainly because of the fact that it was sold to the audiences as horror. Although the movie has some very gory special effects and frightening scenes, it is not really horror, but more of a suspense or "thriller" as mentioned above.
One of my gripes about this movie was the fact that it was slightly slow and dragged on a little towards the end.

Reasonable horror thriller. Good but not worth watching a second time...

Final Verdict- 6/10

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