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David Cronenberg- The Director

Censors do what only psychotics do... they confuse reality with illusion. A friend of mine saw 'Videodrome', said he really liked it, and added, you know someday they're going to lock you up. [Suicide]'s probably the only way we can give our death a meaning, because otherwise it's completely arbitrary. I don't have a moral plan. I'm a Canadian."

Cronenberg is a talented, and in my opinion underated Canadian director. Directing films such as Shivers, Rabid, Naked Lunch and Dead Ringers, we see Cronenberg's unimitable style. He gives us an insight into his world of the terrifying and truly surreal. Although many of Cronenberg's films have a slightly tacky and dated feel to them (mainly due to the virtually non-existant Canadian film industry) you cannot ignore his true talent and skill for grabbing the audience and involving then fully in the movie.

David Cronenberg: Filmography

This list includes his early short films, those he made in France in 1971, his TV work and his commercials.

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