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  Bobb/Bopp DNA Project


Bobb/Bopp/Popp Dna Study
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Welcome to the Bobb/Bopp Web site

Our goal in this project is to compare DNA Y-chromosome genealogy test results from different branches of the Bobb/Bopp families.  This project is being facilitated through Family Tree DNA .  Click below to learn more about our project.

Bobb/Bopp Family DNA Project

Bobb/Bopp DNA Results

Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA  facilitates Re-construction projects on the Y-DNA descended male side of the family, which is very easy because the Y-DNA follows the traditional lines of surname descent. 

The first step, technically, is to determine the genetic fingerprint of the individual family line.  This requires 2 distant, yet paper trail documented, cousins….the further  apart the better!  This will eliminate the chances of false paternity or unannounced adoption at least to the “common ancestor’s” generation of the 2 distant cousins tested.  (This part has been accomplished for our Stewart/Stuart Project.)

 The Y-DNA fingerprint match, plain and simple,  confirms lineage back to the common ancestor.  (click on the link below to go to Family Tree DNA .)             Family Tree DNA  








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