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Happy Birthday, Pete!
(gift still available)

July-Dec 2002:
Ice Storm
Jenny's Half-Marathon
July 4th
Landing at JFK at night

January-April 2002:
Trip to Austin
Easter eggs
Mexico photos
A paper model of the house
Christmas/New Years photos

December 2001:
The night we dumped our Christmas tree!
Our donkey has lights
A photo from our Gamelan concert
Some of the Drawings from the Ginger Patent Application
Christmas concert and parade
Jenny won a medal in a 5K race!

Older things:
Photos from a flight across the Southwest, Oct 2001
How could 7 1/2 gallons equal one cubic foot?
How to include a link in your contribution.
Slippers and grill
A gray-haired old man has been skateboarding in our neighborhood.
Dale & Jen's Wedding
Old photos

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