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To submit art, e-mail the following info to stickwriter @ gmail . com.

You must include: Your full name, e-mail address, and of course the artwork[s]
I'd strongly prefer you to include: The title of the artwork, which character or scene it depicts, and from which specific book it comes from. It will make my life easier and that's a good thing to do. Thanks.
You may include (but you don't have to): Your age, country, website URL and a short note about yourself or your art, no more than 50 words long.

Attach your artwork/s! The more the merrier. Remember, all types of art such as [but not limited to] digital art, sculpture, wallpapers, and photography, are accepted here even though they may not be featured here yet.

Artwork requirements:
- Do NOT send anything larger than 3MB.
- Pleeeease send it in .jpg format.
- Please read the copyright stuff at the bottom of the site info page, just so you know what's right and wrong, and what you can expect in relation to your copyrights and things like that.
- By submitting artwork[s] you are giving me permission to display those works in this website.

If you would like to contact any artists, go to their gallery and look up their e-mail address from there.

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