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Haajar Hagar

Haajar (Hagar) was born (2040 B.C.E.) to Imhotep (Abdul Hamiyd 2084-1998 B.C.E.), the 9th Elder Yufial, and a student under the master healer Zoser (Abdul Qudduws 2088-1995 B.C.E.) the 6th Elder Khayyial, and her mother was named Rashaa. Hadrat Haajar was the twin sister to Sillah, her brother.

Haajar was the second wife of the Prophet/Apostle Abraham (2078-1903 B.C.E.) and the mother of his eldest son, the Prophet/Apostle Ishmael. Haajar was given as a gift to the Prophet Abraham by her father Imhotep, also known as "The Father of Chemistry."

Imhotep gave Haajar to the Prophet/Apostle Abraham so that she would assist him in his task of cleaning the lepers in the Caucasus Mountains. Upon the arrival of Haajar to his household, the Prophet/Apostle Abraham presented her as a handmaiden to his wife Saaraah (Sarai), as opposed to presenting her as another wife. Haajar was an educated woman and a psychic. She was the first woman, outside of Nubia (which is the old name of Egypt), to wear a nosering.

Haajar was offered to the Prophet/Apostle Abraham by Saaraah to bare his children because Saaraah was barren. When Haajar conceived, she looked down on Saaraah and she assumed her relationship with the Prophet/Apostle Abraham more important than that of Saaraah's. This brought about the mistreatment of Saaraah. Haajar then fled from the household and was told by the Angelic Being of the Most High, Gabriel, to go back where she came from. Haajar did return and she submitted herself to Saaraah and gave birth to the Prophet/Apostle Abraham's oldest son, the Prophet/Apostle Ishmael (1992-1855 B.C.E.).

Some years later, Saaraah bore the Prophet/Apostle Isaac (1978-1798 B.C.E.) and she was stirred to ill feelings against Haajar and her son when she overheard the Prophet/Apostle Ishmael mocking the Prophet/Apostle Isaac, Saaraah insisted that the Prophet/Apostle Abraham remove them both from the household. The Prophet/Apostle Abraham at the command of the Most High, complied with the wishes of Saaraah. Haajar was then escorted to the desert where one day the sacred masjid (Masjidul Haram) would stand. She was granted permission by the Most High to become the founder of Masjidul Haram. She died at the age of 52 in the year 1892 B.C.E. and is buried in Egypt.