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Updated on : April 2004

Hi, this is Nitin Binhani, virtually I love being called as 'Rock'. Life isn't just bed of roses, it's got its fair share of thorns and you should be as solid like 'Rock of Gibraltar' to survive in this dog-eat-dog world and achieve something in your life. After all life without any ambition certainly sucks.. 

I'm a post graduate having done my M.B.A from CSM Canada through TASMAC, Pune with grade (A-). I'm a Bachelor in Science too, although no more a Bachelor in real life. I have professional experience of more than 10 years whereby I have worked with various IT companies like Aptech, Datapro, Crompton Greaves and even worked abroad in UAE, Dubai for more than 2 years, until got choked up with the formal way of living and returned back to India in September 96. While in IT, I did several professional certifications like - CNE, MCSE, NCIP, CCNA. My IT background has always helped me in my life.

Since February 2004, I shifted my professional field from IT to Insurance. In India Insurance is booming up and there is lot of growth potential in it. Currently I'm working for Birla Sun Life Insurance Co Ltd at Thane branch as "Agency Manager". We have named our business group as AGNI.

I got hooked on to marraige in December 2001, actually got caught un-aware by a beautiful girl from my own town, you can find details about her in 'Family'. My hobbies are traveling, watching WWE and socialising. I'm very close to my mom than anybody. Both of my elder brothers are married, while dad helps them in their respective businesses.

Born on 18th May, 1973 I do carry most of the attributes of a taurean. Taureans generally enjoy a harmonious and beautiful relationship. They are very fond of pretty things. They love anything luxurious and those who can bring it into their lives. Taureans are oh-so-responsive to a wink, a smile and a tender touch. Those born under this sign believe that love and sex go hand-in-hand, in that order, and that's that.

Those lucky enough to snare this lover will find that the best, amazingly, has been hidden from view. Taurus lover is dependable and considerate, someone who wants to be in a beautiful world and wants that special someone to share it with.