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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.Please come back and visit again! Yes, I am attempting to create the Panics website! Unfortunately, it is taking me a little while to figure this stuff out!! But coming soon is the cd on Gulcher Records with the orginal single, live tracks, and previously unreleased material! Here I will be posting photographs, mp3's, and various text for Panic fans and non-fans alike to peruse. Today's update--May 10. 2001 I've just heard from Gulcher that the brand new Panics cd will be mailed next week and will be available from Gulcher at his email address I am now just figuring out how to post images, jpg, etc. on here but it will be awhile before I can do mp3--someday! Click on 'Liner Notes' above to read the thrilling story of the Panics!!! Update May 11 Welcome everyone, whether it is your first time here or you're just checking out the changes I've made! I've added a flyer gallery and an extended photo section of the famous July 12 1980 Street Dance. More photos will be added, plus I'm hoping to change the liner notes so they don't require wordperfect. Thanks for visiting, I hope you'll come back! Update May 12 Today I've added a photo gallery of the Third Base Live Show. Some photos are currently with the record label to be used for graphics for the Italian Vinyl on Vulcher Records that will be out in a couple of months. Looking at these photos reminded me of how excited we then teenagers were, and how we were trying our best to incite a musical revolution in our hometown. Whether it was all for naught I cannot say, but at least we fought the good fight! Auf Wedersehn For Today. Update May 13 So I've added more photos, and a link page with various goodies. Word has it that the cd is coming soon, soon, soon. Gulcher has connections in Japan, Italy, this internet thing is going gangbusters, huh? Let me tell you, when we played our first punk gigs 20 years ago always hoped the world would change. It did in some ways, and I'm glad to see it. It makes an old punk misty-eyed to think that what was considered beyond the bounds is now mainstream. Hard to believe! Well, I'll catch ya later, punkers! Update May 14 Well, this time I've added a larger version of the Hot Potato clip, some Panic II photos, plus the ony 2 radio charts of the Panics in existance. But my pride and joy are the clips I found about the scandal that brought down the Panics from 'Goodnight Gracie' magazine dating back from 1986. Enjoy! Update May 15 When I said there only 2 radio chart listings, my good friend Eric brought to my attention his possession of 4 more listings which I've added today. I've also recieved much comment about the long time it takes to upload photos from my website, and for this I apologize. You see, when I first started out, I didn't know basically anything and all my jpg's are 100% resolution. So if you visit the "scandal page" be forewarned it takes almost 5 minutes to load up! Oops--hopefully eventually I'll redo those pages and put in graphics that are not so time consuming. Another thing with those 3 pages, if it looks incomplete, like a photo or article is mysteriously cropped, hit reload or refresh. It probably isn't all there. Kinda like me. Ok, I also got the "proof" copy of the new cd today--and confidentially it looks fantastic!!! It will be widely available soon, and I don't think anyone will be disappointed! Tomorrow is another day, I'll communicate to you then. later Update Wednesday May 24 I've taken a break from posting updates awaiting my search engine auditions. So I've added quite a bit to the "Curiosities" page and hopefully corrected a few of the load-up problems. I've had great fun finding odd Panic connnections, and will continue to post any oddities I come across. Soon I will be posting the first mentions of the cd, and continue my research into the notorious Johnny ESAD. You heard over there first! Update Monday June 4 The cd is out and it is being treated very kindly by reviewers across this great nation and hopefully globe! People have been emailing telling me they love the disc and I must say it is truly nice to have something you've done be appreciated, even after all these years. Myself, I wonder about these other Panics bands, especially the ones who put out records in their day. I believe one is a band from Florida, also during the early 80s, and there seems to be a 45 called 'Test Test'. My research into this will continue. The 60s Panics put out some bizarre "go go" record that I have never heard, though it does pop up on ebay. Nobody seems to know their story either and I have a suspicion that is a fake band with the album done by studio musicians to cash in on the "twist" craze. Later mashed potater! June 23 Update Hello Everybody, well, here is the latest. I've found an actual obituary and various other bizarre Panics references that actually aren't us at all! Plus I've posted the Johnny ESAD mp3 and if I can get this technology stuff down will be posting others soon. Be forewarned however; you have to download the mp3 file before you can play it. Keep in touch. July 8 Update We've gotten our second review (from 'Old Punk webzine') and they sure did seem to like it. Plus I've started posting more mp3, so I've given them there own page and it contains quite a surprise in the form of rare, obscure rehearsels where you'll get to hear the Panics argueing amongst themselves and hashing out song ideas. Each mp3 will stay posted for a little while only to be removed and replaced with another tidbit. So enjoy! Update July 10 And now we have the new Red Snerts Section for everyone, and I'm mighty "chuffed" about the upcoming Gulcher re-release of this very cool sampler of Hoosier punk and new wave bands! The Panics cut "Drugs Are For Thugs" is one of our favorite tracks the band ever did, and many other acts deliver great slices of music for your edification. Stand and be counted! Update July 15 The re-release of 'Red Snerts' comes closer and closer. Somebody cool will be writing the Audibles column for the Bloomington paper. I finally figured out why the words kept disappearing from my mp3 page (I was using quotation marks and they didn't like them). Al Gore is president--doh! Update July 31 I recieved the Italian album and I must say, they're pretty cool. The vinly junkies are gonna love 'em! From an Italian label Vulcher (rhymes with Gulcher), they'll do ya proud. Any day now is the word on the compilation 'Red Snerts'. Right now I'm in a state of flux so updating the mp3 page will have to wait a month or two. But there are other major projects and "stuff". Later instigator! Update September 9 Well, I'm back, finally. I have checked out the new Gulcher cd 'Red Snerts' and it sure is rocking, damn interesting to hear how all the bands sound decades later. But the big news is the new original "Panics Bop" I've posted to the mp3 page. Go check it out! Update September 16 Well, my hometown newspaper reviewed the Panics and I'm trying to track down a copy to scan and post. The tightwads won't let you access their archives without $$$--unlike yours truly who doesn't charge a dime for all the free panics stuff you can stomach! Update October 20 I found a pata-physical web site that reviewed the Panics cd but nobody can tell me who the heck these guys are. Hopefully, within a week or two I will be able to post more mp3s. Plus--the plans, boss, the plans!! I'll create a paranormal website based on all my cool newspaper clips from Indiana, then the Walking Ruins website will start to form. I'm getting cold chills just thinking about it. Update November 1 This month's mp3 is to give the fans a taste of the post-Panics era, with the Walking Ruins smash hit, 'Social Insecurity', and in the vein of the post-Panics world, the reunion cut 'No Feelings'. Dec 3 I've posted an early version of 'Substitute' for all you Panic maniacs for the month of December.Enjoy and Merry Christmas! Seeya next year! Update Feb 14 2002 Merry Valentines Day and Snappy New Year To Youse No new mp3s yet as I'm having difficulty putting together my sound system. But I did post the fabulous review from the wonderful 'zine 'Head In A Milk Bottle' on the home page for everyone to easily peruse. It's a great 'zine and everyone should check it out, read it, buy it, send 'em your stuff, y'hear? May 19 Ok life stumbles, here's the deal. Soon I will update this site but right now my focus is on the brand smacking new Walking Ruins website that you all should check like immediately. Ya see, Ian and I, long after the Panics ceased, kept on jamming and we formed the Walking Ruins. We stayed together for quite a while and our hot cd 'Fall Of The House Of Ruin' is now being re-released on Gulcher Records! Is that cool or what? 'Bye fer now!
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