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My Thank Yous

Rachel would like to thank:

the person who can never be glorified or praised enough - my Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. I give everything to you, it's the least I can do. You are THE best!
Parents and siblings for putting up with me and for encouraging me to work at what I am good at. You deserve so much thanks for being so awesome!! special thanks to my grammy for really encouraging my writing skills. Thanks to dad for letting me steal the guitar all the time! :) thanks to the rest of the family for providing many many memorable memories!(there's some aliteration for you! Miss Apperson would be proud indeed) all of you are awesome!(Mary, Heather, Joanna, Johnny, Shane, Dakota, August, John, and many others)
my wonderful bandmates, my sis(who is my inspiration), Becky and Christy(who introduced me to the newsboys and good Christian music), and Laura - thanks for being the awesomest friends. In God we trust! Go MM!!
my whole church family for welcoming me so warmly on the first visits that I came. Megan for being my dear friend from church. special thanks also to my adoptive family the McCrackens!! I love you guys so much!!! I will never find another family quite like you all.
to Michelle, one of my best friends from science camp. thanks for all the letters and the fun times at your house. thanks too all the other campers!(Lauren, Lisa, Matt, Gabe, Paul, etc)
Krissy for all her many years of frienship. I have so many funny memories of you. Megan and Sammantha for being awesome friends. Megan you are hysterical! no words can say...
one of my best friends, bethany(Bithy), thanks for being the coolest. go lord of the rings!!! it's scary how we are so much alike. I love you deary. can't wait to see you again. my twin. :) David Edmonds, another one of my very best friends for being a guy friend my age I never thought I would meet - funny, friendly, unassuming, kind, sweet, sensitive, and Godly. I see the love of Christ so much in you. thanks for all the fun aim chats and e-mails. :) To all the other newsboys fans I've met online especially Bekah(for being a role model), Dezzy(for not conforming to the norm), Kristi(for being such a fun person), Esther(for opening up and sharing and being totally sweet. I love you), Kara(for being so insightful and cool), Stacy, Sarah, Merry, KG, Susie, and so many others!! you are all awesome!!
to all the CHEFA people at chior especially Paris(Bethany) for going beyond the bounds of friendliness...and too my graduating class. WE RAWK! Mrs. Clark for being the awesomest chior teacher.
Ashy, for being sweet, loving, and caring and for being so freindly at Phil's concert. I'm so glad I met you!
and finally, to all the christian artists who have inspired me and have drawn me closer to God through your music, especially Skillet and my favorite band in the entire world, NEWSBOYS!!! you guys have inspired me so much!! I owe you alot!!! God bless.

oh one more!!! thanks to Joe, Jackie, Bob, Brian, Shannon, and Eric at kduv for letting me rock out there and help volunteer. you guys are soo awesome!! keep up the good work!!