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Moldy Muphinz Bio

Well my friends, like all band bios, this band started as a dream. But unlike other bands that you have heard of already, this one stayed a dream. that's right, you read correctly. You're not going crazy(despite what other people may say) this band, called the moldy muphinz is not a real band. It was formed, as in the words of one of its hilarious band members, Becky, "By a group of teenagers wishing they had great musical talent." Exactly so becky!! It was formed out of a love for music and good humor. We would love to play in front of millions of people, but we think it would be better to do so if we actually had songs to play. I, Rachel, official songwriter and guitarist(I think) though have written some songs in a different area of this site that may be used as moldy muphinz songs. But in the mean time, you are probably wondering, "how did you get your totally cool name?" well, actually you are probably thinking "how did you get your non-sense name??", but no matter. I got the name from a friend in Florida by way of e-mail. I had asked him for band names and the other members liked it so it has been our name ever since. (that was 1999 by the way) We thought it funny(see: our love of good humor) because it sounds like a take off of all the other food band names that are out there. (Korn, limp bizkit, etc) But, unlike those bands, we are Christian so never fear we will not smash our guitars on stage. That would be very hard to do considering the fact that we don't have electric guitars. But we don't care! We love saying we are in a band. (even though it's just pretend) and we had our first photo shoot in Becky and Christy's house, so you never know where we may go!!!! The band members are as follows: Becky, Christy, Sara, Rachel, and Laura.(whose last names have been concealed to protect the innocent) Watch out for us! you never know when we might storm the world!!