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REISSUE. ESSENTIAL. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This classic Factory Records re-issue is as, if not more essential, than classics from peers Section 25 and Crispy Ambulance. Harmony captured the isolation and austerity of the Joy Division/Factory aesthetic so well it actually improved upon it. Nothing better. Harmony, The Wake’s first LP, has been out of print since the mid 80s. The Wake formed in Glasgow in April 1981, after singer/guitarist Caesar left future chart stars Altered Images. After a debut single on their own label, On Our Honeymoon, released in January 1982, the Wake settled on a stable line-up, namely: Caesar - guitar and vocals, Steven Allen – drums, Carolyn Allen – keyboards, Bobby Gillespie – bass. After supporting New Order, the group joined the Factory Records roster and recorded the seven track mini album HARMONY in October 1982. May of 1983 saw them cut a maxi single, Something Outside, and a well-regarded Peel session in July, including the Drill. Gillespie, who had divided his time between the Wake and an embryonic Primal Scream, left the band shortly after the Peel recording. After three more singles and an album for Factory, in 1987 the group decamped for another cult label, Sarah Records, releasing two albums and two singles between 1989 and 1994. A track from this period, Joke Shop, provided a caustic snapshot of Caesar's ambivalent feelings about his former label, and Tony Wilson in particular: He's condescending and he's running a joke shop / He's patronizing and he's running a joke shop / And he's on television and he's running a joke shop. With their Factory catalogue long deleted, this 15 track, 72 minute CD collects together all seven tracks from the original HARMONY album, as well as the extra track Chance included on the European release. As well as both sides of the first two singles, with both Something Outside and Host included in full-length versions, the three tracks from the Peel session are also included. Carefully remastered from the original tapes, the original artwork has been preserved. The sleeve notes also include a detailed interview with the band from 1983.Here Comes Everybody and Assembly(Live)Follows The worlds hottest posters(affiliate)Miami Port At Night(NEW ORDER) Night At Oscars'

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