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Bass construction from a Carvin XB-75 Neck

I decided back in Feb of 2002 to build my own bass. My original idea was to purchase a B5 kit from Carvin. I've tried many different kinds of basses, but I always come back to Carvins. I really think that Carvin makes the best quality for the money.

After looking at the cost of the kit I realized that I could make a neck through bass for about the same money (yeah right). I decided to buy an XB-75 neck from Carvin. This is a 35 1/2" scale 5 string neck with extra wide bridge spacing. It is also assymetrical (the treble side is thinner than the bass side). While I might be able to make a neck, it just seemed too difficult.

I'd like to take a minute to thank my father, Fred Isch for his help with the woodworking. Without his help this bass would surely look like I made it :-) Also Ryan Welcome of Sage Guitars, his knowledge and insight on bass building has been very helpful.

This is the first installment. Follow the link on the bottom to see all the steps involved and final pictures.

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125.6 KB
Title: What I started with
Description: Here's the neck (headstock already cut), the body template and a cardboard mock up.

123.3 KB
Title: Glue up
Description: The tiger maple has been bookmatched and glued to the walnut.

102.1 KB
Title: Checking for stripes
Description: An outline of the bass is used to select which part of the bookmatch will be used.

138.0 KB
Title: Wings cut
Description: Here the wings have been cut and placed beside the neck.

136.0 KB
Title: Wings rounded
Description: The wings have been rounded by a 1/2" quarter round router bit.

164.3 KB
Title: Gluing up
Description: The gluing up process as seen from the front. We used the scrap to get somewhere to clamp.

170.3 KB
Title: Glue Rear
Description: The same glue up process as seen from the back. Note that the neck heel is not carved. Nice wood eh?

115.1 KB
Title: Uncut neck
Description: Just after the glue dried. Note that the bottom of the neck is still long.

122.0 KB
Title: Shape from front
Description: The bottom of te neck has been cut and rounded (Jacqui, the wonder dog in front)

109.6 KB
Title: Cut back
Description: Nice picture of the carved out neck heel. Again, nice wood.

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Listen to an MP3 of the custom XB-75.

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