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 Operating Systems and some fun.
This page is dedicated to my Parents.

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About Me

Hi, I am sarnath, A  B.Tech CSE  gold medallist from Pondicherry Engineering College. My areas of interests are Operating Systems and Computer Graphics and also carnatic music. I am a fan of Maharajapuram Santhanam.

I'd also like to tell about my friend "V.Sriram". He had been my counterpart in many of my projects. He was working for SUN Microsystems, Bangalore division, India for an Year. Currently he is doing his M.Sc Computer science in IISC , Bangalore. He is good in process management concepts and one of the back-bones of our final-year project done for B.TECH degree. He can be reached at "".

Intended Audience: All guys who like OS and would like to write one.

Impatient viewers directly jump into serious stuff.

  • Ambattur, friends and life.

  • Welcome to my FUN page. Click to enter a different world. The dedication of this page does not cover this link. (Thanks to varada and my conscience.)

  • My carnatic link is just a click away.

  • My light music link is yet another click away.

    Serious Stuff Begins.

    I disclaim all the information on this page. If you goof up ur comp with my software, I am NOT responsible for it. Use it at your risk !!!


    This section is dedicated to puzzles and problems in Computer Science and Mathematics. Last Updated on 15-June-2002. You can also visit the for interesting puzzles in mathematics.

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