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Welcome to the the light music corner

Light Music

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Looking for recording your voice? Get a headphone with mike (Philips is simple and good) and a good Voice recorder and editor software. Check out this free voice editor cum recorder software: Audacity - A Open Source Voice editor and Recorder

Here r few of my renditions. The first two are the best. The rest, I will upload again shortly.
-2. Ulaga Azhagiye (1.3MB EmPee3 file.

-1. Anna Saalayil (2.75MB EmPee3 fle) This one has slight bkgrnd noise that I am unable to eliminate. But still, I think it is good!

-1. Newyork (8MB file)

Before playing the songs, keep the volume low. Check out with the song and then adjust according to ur convenience.
I would luv to hear a comment from you!
Thanks a bunch,
Sarnath, e-mail:;