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Page Last updated on April 12 2003

I386 LINKS :

1. Intel manuals :: 

2. Intel Manuals :: U can get a lot of information not only about 386 but also about other intel processors including chipset documentations, data sheets and almost every minute information about these processors.

3. Intel Secrets :: is a very famous site. U can get profound information there.

4. -> Pretty good site. You can find information about x86 processors.


1. About Free OSes ::

2. OS Fans , here is another great site :: Mirror of john fine's webpage . This site has details about booting , PM etc... People who want 2 write their own OS, please have a look at this site. U would like it. Some people over the web worship this guy ! (read so somewhere..)

3. Protected Mode and Operating Systems: Contains sources of many C kernels, assembly language kernels, i386 demo stuff and lot many. In short, profound ! The site also mirror j.fine's home page. (the 2nd link above)

4. Minix Site :: .

5. CPU Scheduling Algortihms ::



1. VESA site ::

2. SVGA site ::

3. VGA site ::

4. Video Hardware Page ::

5. Tutorials on VGA , SVGA ::


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