X-Files Fanfiction By Lady Disdain


The Pure Of Heart Series Summary: During the shutdown of the X-Files in '94 the daughter Senator Matheson goes missing and Mulder is called in to find her.

The Rebel Angels Series Summary: "You could say that by chance or fate I remembered what happened and what I what I watched that morning. I prefer fate."

The Reoccurring Nightmare Series Summary: A reoccurring nightmare...

The Thy Summer's Play Series Summary: An exploration of situations and questions raised by Requiem.

The Wish For Series Summary: Becareful what you wish for...

Stand alone

8/11,000 Virgins Summary: There are eight girls dead and two she could not kill. One FBI agent has been attacked. How did this happen?

The Dollar Bill Trick Summary: None given.

Ignoring Expectations Summary: Expectations.

Just Another Mick? Summary: None given.

Morning Of A War Summary: "This is the story of a woman on the morning of a war." - Red Hot Chilepeppers, "Easily"

My Weakness Summary: Choices.

Swimming Lessons Summary: Some lessons are for life...

What's Bred In The Bone Summary: "What's bred in the bone will not out in the flesh.

The Wretched Summary: The unhappy version of Mulder's abduction.


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