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An interesting scenario that happened to Rainne in between Krolvin invasions. Meet Lentuar!
Nyvea and Elthors, the cookie commune
Rainne gives a puppet show, dutifully called The Pink Kobold (featuring Aedrik and Spiked)
A day of Elthors life in Icemule (with Aedrik, Andemon, Rainne, and Grizzbon).
Mignon hosts an Ice-sculpting contest
Young kobold loses its toy
Carli in short, temporary love (with Naramith)
Getting raised by Annabella, Jaysunn, and a pet
Sleeping Aedrik in the Park (with Carli and Andemon)
Jesh's wedding #26, 27, and a divorce (Submitted by Caillet with Carli)
Jesh's true colors
Third's a charm (Carli, Troble, and Khakur)
Carli wins raffle, prize goes Monty (Submitted by Coilean)
Triya's Charms and Traps (Carli, Torese, and Triya)
Carli's first Ledge experience (Carli and Thenjhar)
Yet another wedding for Caillet to Perrcie (with Jaysunn and Juliane, submitted by Phadeous)
The "innocent" Firenzes gets arrested
The Cleansing of Firenzes and Caden

Stories and Lore

Thenjhar- The Tale of Silver Valley
Paulaina's Parable


Enter Carli- First death and RPA
Story of the lizard, by loresong

Links by the Platinum Community A Gemstone III Platinum Community
The Dead Files!
Songstra's Shopping Guide
Traveling Scripts by Carli (working, but not complete)

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