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Listen, we only ever put out one damned album. Yes, I know there was that "other" Reckless LP that was released a few years before "Heart Of Steel", but I wasn't in the band then, so what good was it?
Our one damned album was released on both sides of the Atlantic (not the record label...the water!) and manifested itself in a number of incarnations. My absolute favorite was the picture disc. It used the exact same photos as the regular issue LP used, the exact same pretty-boy snapshots that were forced into service on the CD reissue! If they were the EXACT SAME shots as on the regular release, then what was the advantage of buying the bloody picture disc? Was it for people that preferred not to be bothered with the added hassle of having a cardboard sleeve on their LP? The company that reissued the CD for tax purposes hired a Photoshop artist to add in the apropos rusted sawblades!
"Heart Of Steel" was also available in compact music cassette form. My only regret was that we never had the LP released on 8-track cartridge. We were in format limbo - too late for 8-tracks, and too early for CDs. "Hot 'n' Ready", the soundtrack for our big-budget video that saw rotation on MuchMucous' "Power Hour" was released on a 7" radio-edit 45rpm single. We also released a "radio stations only" 12" record that had explanations for the various songs on the LP rendered by assorted and sundry members of the band. A couple of Madden's explanations are included on the "Drivin' You Madden" page. Anyhow, time went marching on, and the internal band-battles came to a head, so management ganged up on Madoonski and kicked him out of his own band!

After Madden was stripped of his duties and of his band name, Reckless hired a keyboardist named Bob, and we went into pre-production for another LP (CDs still hadn't been invented yet. ~Wheez~,~ wheez~, *cough*..*cough*.) Our resulting efforts were quickly rejected by our management, who by that time couldn't figure out how to skim any more money off of us. We almost pressed the record ourselves, except that management had all of our money, and we only had a four-track basement recording. (The bootleg CD version was pressed in very limited quantities in Roumania, eventually. Watch eBay for it.) We chose a picture for the cover, with "Like A Thief In The Night" being the working title. Brian wanted to call it "Raccoon Fucker" ("'s a play on words! People think it's about someone who fucks raccoons, but actually it's about a raccoon that fucks!") Bob, still dispondant over his break-up with his girlfriend, wanted to call the LP "Trace", as a sort of dedication. Brian beat the crap out of him.

Here's a bunch of places you can buy our old, beat up vinyl LPs in various International currencies. If you heat the vinyl LP edges and bend them up and in, the newly-refurbished albums make quite attractive candy dishes!

Shades Of Grey Music (You said it!) "All Reasonable Offers Entertained".
Japan 1,200 Yen! And to think I bought it in the delete bin for $1.99!
Popparienkeli-Popangel In Helsinki! 30 something-or-others!
RTMetal LP grade: M-/M-! Never played! Can you blame the previous owner?
Ocean Records (UK) Woo Hoo!! The fabled PICTURE DISC!!
Melodic-Rock "Oooh, the Germans, Smithers! +the Germans are mad at me! Save me +from the Germans!" -Monty Burns
Wonderland Records Only ten New Zealand dollars!

And, of course, the CD:

Dream Disc "Canadian Melodic metal" no less!
Metal Mayhem "Grubby Little Paws"?? Apparently, our CD is not for sale here. Just on display, is all.
Japan 2500 Yen! Who would have a yen for Reckless?
Spain Rock Shop "Objeto No encontrado" - hmm...someone actually bought it?? The title of the CD is "Coração de Aço'' over there.
Hard-Boiled Records Germany.

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