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I'm so glad you could drop by My Playhouse!

Are you ready to go play?
Please read the tips and info below...

To have the most fun here you need to think like a kid. Children know how to entertain themselves. Kids expect the unexpected, they don't always do as they are told, they look for things in unusual places and they try things that adults say won't work. But remember a couple of things. There is more to life than playing; sometimes you need to be serious, even in my playhouse. There are alot of rooms here that look just like other ones,,,never assume you've been in a room before just because it looks familiar. And lastly, I'm a terrible practical teaser. If you can't take harmless jokes you won't like it here. (No viruses though,,,that isn't harmless.) This place is dedicated to serving Jesus, but you don't have to be a Christian to enjoy it. Now go have some fun! May God bless you real good today. (Scroll back up and click the rainbow colored bar near the top to enter my playhouse.)

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