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Welcome to Jahruba's Homepage
Jahruba and The Street People

Jahruba and The Street People
Jahruba's band is made up of Oklahoma's finest world beat and reggae musicians. They have toured together to schools and festivals throughout mid-America.

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African Drumming Workshops, Demonstrations and Lectures.

Jahruba's classes are designed for beginners and intermediates hand techniques. Simple rhythms will have you discover the fun of hand drumming. Jahruba supplies all the needed equipment for his workshops on a first come basis. Jahruba carefully guides you through the art of hand drumming. In addition, he explains the origins and uses of a variety of other African instruments.


From Africa Workshops - Folktales, Fables, Stories

Jahruba selects stories that encourage young people to think for themselves.

The greedy hunter of Ibo village who found out the hard way about the power of greed...
Fulumbo of the Fulanis, the handicapped boy who saved his village from Zulu raiders with the magical rhythm of peace...
Ananzi, the spider, always up to his tricks...
Brer Rabbit, the tales as they come from Africa...
The meaning of LIIBO (limbo), how the contest began, how to play...

African drumming is a wonderful way to teach rhythm, song, dance, culture, discipline and self esteem.

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Kwanzaa Information

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Drummers can be basket weavers

Urban Art Factory presents CAMP KUMBA at the Ritz Theater, 912 West Britton Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73114.
Urban Impact is a faithbased nonprofit 501C3 ministry focused on providing the arts to young and old in our community regardless of race or religious affiliation.

The Urban Arts Factory offers art and music classes to the youth in our community who are never given a genuine opportunity to explore their interest or develop their love for the arts. The Urban Art Factory will provide the youth, ages 6-16, with art classes and professional artists to teach them.

Donations are needed to sponsor a child who would benefit from this opportunity to grow in the arts.

Please send your donations to: Urban Impact Foundation, ear marked "Urban Art Factory". Address: 913 N.W. 90th, Oklahoma City, OK 73114.

$15 donation - you receive a Urban Arts Factory button

$25 donation - bumper sticker

$50 donation - mug

$100 donation - t-shirt

Art supplies and musical instruments, theatrical props also needed. Call 321-1781 or 833-2027.

Camp Kumba Winter/Spring Sessions: Creating and Performing Art Classes begin January 20, 2001. Urban Art Factory Programs:

A) African Drumming

Drum Circles

B) African Drum Classes

C) Camp Kumba on Saturdays

D) Rhythm Tales and Nursery Rhyms Sat show for children

E) Airbrush Design Class - TBA

F) Basic Computer Class - TBA

G) Keyboarding Class - TBA