Hey everybody! iLLuSioN21 here! We are closing down our Angelfire website, because we are making a NEW website for the NEW year! Our new website will have new pictures, layout, logo, and even AUDIO!! And it will be on geocities.com. The release date for the new website is January 2002, probably around the 1st. Stop by in 2 weeks, and we'll prolly have the date posted. Thanks for your support and hope to see you again!

The band ;o)

P.S. We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Have a fun and safe HOLIDAY!

Please keep in touch! E-mail us at: iLLuSioN21 Music@aol.com

Tina and Rae's choir at school is singing for CANDLELIGHT Processional at the theme part EPCOT on November 23, December 17, 21, and 26. CANDLELIGHT is basically a 45 minute show about the Story of Christmas! We sing 16 songs total. Cool, huh?

iLLuSioN21 would like to say a few things to the people of America:

REST IN PEACE to Aaliyah (1979-2001) and all others on board of the plane that crashed Saturday, August 25th. Our prayers go out to the families of these victims. You will be missed.

God bless the souls lost in the tragic terrorist events Tuesday and their families... you won't be forgotten.

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