Part 1

Well here's were it started, back in January of 2000, I was trying to hold NTS together for the life of me & it wasn't working.... My friends Scott & Jugz said, "We need a good bassist for our joke band..." I told them ask someone else cuz I suck at bass to be honest..... but eventually I joined anyway..... then my buddy for many a years Jeremy joined up.... We decided to be a Simpsons rip-off type band thus came Dr Nick Riviara (mispelled the name so we wouldn't get sued) or DNR.... Scott was dubbed "Handsome Pete" Jeremy was dubbed "Grimy" JugZ was dubbed "Jub-Jub" & I was dubbed "Disco Stu" & thus our band went on......kinda

Part 2

Well a month went by & Giz (Jeremy) were writting songs but Scott & Jugz never practiced with us..... we had to take some sort of enitiative & we did, we got everyone together, minus Scott, & wrote "Mat's Gay Bass Solo" (now known as Reasons) after a while of practicing (and scott not showing up) the song sounded quite good.... but scott, never showed up... so we had a band meeting & kicked his lazy ass out....

Part 3

We got our act together & practiced and wrote some songs including MAt's Gay Bass Solo (now called reasons) our first show was at my house in my garage it went off ok, even though we had just aquired T as a singer & Ben sang a song & we invited him to be a singer..... then after that show we all decided the simpson name thing was gay... so we dropped it.....

Part 4

Well after many great shows & making up some great original songs & changing some covers to fit our type of music, Ben, T, & Giz seperated the band on not that great of terms.... This happened in July.... I got off my ass & said "Hey, people are upset we broke up so lets play one last show for everyone....." So August 16 is DNR's last show..... until JugZ & his brother Rory (from Thyatira) told me DnR was back with two new guitarists & Scott back on vocals YEEHAW! So for now here's where part 4 ends because the reformation happened the night I wrote this, DnR will be playing PunkCore type music (Punk & Hardcore) flying more towards the original theme of DnR, so I'm out for now!

Part 5

Dave has been wonderful & is wonderful to have in the band, he's orginized us & made us sound more professional...... Dave is our savior! Dave is now gone, so here's how it goes, Mat Decline sings & plays bass, we've come alot farther without Dave & I for one love in... Blair is on Guitar now & he's great too!

Part 6

I'll sum up the past couple of months for ya! Well lets see.... Blair left the band... then went to rehab....Nissa & Wyll came to the band, then Androo followed..... Then outta nowhere VG left the band & we haven't had a show since Nov.... So now we might be having Adam Walkage drum for us until April, then after that I have no idea!!! Oh yeah, we changed the name to Sticker Club since Andy left & we didn't like the name DnR anymore.... I am out!