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WISE CUSTOM KNIVES - Handmade Knives

Michael Wise- Bladesmith

Maker Micky Wise Click to see Micky, daughter Mandy & granddaughter Emily!
Micky at Alafai - 2006 .
Photo by Jim Tucker

Each knife I make is forged from high carbon steel. Steels used are mostly 1095, W1, or W2 .

Only natural materials, those available to the 18th century bladesmith, are used on my primitive knives. Woods,such as curly maple,walnut,Osage orange and sometimes cherry are used. Antler handles are made from either whitetail, elk, mule deer or when available, sambar(India) stag. I also use moose antlers, when available.

All of my guards and butt caps are made from mild steel, unless brass or nickel silver are requested. Some knives, such as the Backwoodsman,have a tin ferrell or bolster.(I use a mixture of 98% tin and 2% silver.)

I make my own sheathes from 8/9 oz. vegetable tanned leather. Styles are done to suit the particular knife, if you prefer a certain style please mention it.
Sheathes covered with brain-tanned deer hide cost an additional $30.00; Sheathes covered in rawhide are an additional $20.00

Sheath styles are:
  1. BELT-regular pouch type with a belt loop on the back.
  2. SASH-a pouch type with no belt loop; meant to be worn in/under a belt or sash. It comes in either plain leather or covered with rawhide or brain-tanned deer hide.
  3. BOWIE-a box type sheath with a belt loop on the back.
  4. NECK-designed to hang from the neck with a cord or strap. Usually box type and can be covered with rawhide or brain-tanned deer hide.
  5. BOOT or PIT- a box type sheath with a spoon handle (metal clip) so it can be worn inside your boot or in the arm pit of your waistcoat (vest).

I have designed and made tools to be used by craftsman of various other period items.

These are just a sampling of the knives that I make. If you would like to have any of these or another knife built to your specifications: e-mail me at either address at the bottom of the page.

KNIVES pg.1 - Backwoodsman, Boot Knife, Bag Knife, French Trade Knife with Bolster, French Trade Knife without bolster and Rifleman's Knife

KNIVES, pg 2 - Bird & Trout Knife, Neck Knife, Pit Knife, Bowie, Cowboy Bowie and Damascus Combat Knife.

GALLERY OF KNIVES 1- Skinners and Hunters

GALLERY OF KNIVES 2- Fillet, Bowie, Hunter, Patch/Utility, Hunter/Skinner

GALLERY OF KNIVES 3 Bird & Trout knife, French Trade Knives, Pit Knives, Skinning Knife, Small Bowie

GALLERY OF KNIVES 4 Chute Knife, Soldiers Knife, Coffin handled Bowie, English Clasp Knife, Sea Cow Handled Knife, Small Skinner, and Sgian Dubh.



2011 Events
For event web pages, click on red title, where available!

  • Jan. 2012
    Alafia River Rendezvous in Flordia!
    *Early setup starts Jan Break down

  • Feb. 2012
    Civil War Battle OF OLUSTEE

  • Olustee Battlefield State Park. 13 miles East of Lake City, on US90 - Near Olustee, Florida.
    An annual re-enactment of a Civil War Battle between the North and the South. Hundreds of re-enactors come from miles around to participate in this historical event.

  • April 28 - May 1, 2011
    16th Annual 18th-Century Market Fair

    April 28, 29, 30, and May 1, 2011
    Hosted by Fort Frederick State Park and the Friends of Fort Frederick
    Camper applications must be received by April 1, 2011.

  • May 26th to May 30th 2011
    Spring Frolic

    "WHITE WATER LONG HUNTERS of Jack, Alabama"

  • Noon 26 May till Noon 30 May 20011

  • September 23rd - October 1, 2011

  • Holliknoll Farms - Carrsville, VA (1 hour SE of Williamsburg)
    Pre-Registration Deadline is August 23, 2011
    Booshway: RA "Flick"

  • Columbus Day Weekend - October,6 - 10, 2011

    "WHITE WATER LONG HUNTERS of Jack, Alabama"
    Starts at noon on Oct. 6th and ends at noon on the 10th.

    Nov. 4 - 11, 2011
    NRLHF The 30th Southeastern National Rendezvous
    Pre-register online at Pre-registration ENDS October 4, 2011
    Booshway: R. "Woody" Woody Segundo: Wade Reynolds
    Yadkinville, NC

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