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Hello, I'm Max! Aren't I the cutest Welshie you ever saw? That's what my mom always says and I have to agree with her. I live in Minneapolis, MN with my mom and dad. I also have two sisters and they are both C-A-T-S! Yuck! My younger sister is a Calico named Patch and my older sister is a domestic long hair named Kissiefur. I love to play with my sisters, but they are not always thrilled to play with me. Even though they are fun to play with, can you image the disgrace of having C-A-T-S for siblings!? That's okay though, because now I have a foster brother, named Brady and he's an Airedale. We love to play with each other and tease our sisters. At night, when Mom and Dad are trying to sleep, our favorite thing to do is play Bitey Face on top of them. Can't figure out why they are always complaining about not getting enough sleep....

I'm always a good little puppy. I go to classes at Alpha Academy with my cousin Rio. I successfully repeated Reliability for a fourth time. I'm getting really good at my down stays. I've just recently tried off-leash and surprised Mom and Dad by doing really well. I'll do anything to get those liver treats. Yummy! Mom wants to try and do fly ball or agility with me. Yea! Right! I'd rather take a nice DOG nap on a lap, but then again I love to get those tennis balls and going through tunnels. . .

Well, thanks for visiting! Feel free to look at more cute pictures of me on the Picture Pages. Mom is always sticking that flashing thing in front of me and with my foster brother one the way, she'll be flashing that thing even more (didn't think that was possible)!Also, check out my aunt and uncle's webpage, they are also Airedales. I love to visit them and make Grandma nervous by running all over the house.

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Last updated on: November 21, 2001

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