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U.S. 52

Eastern Terminus:  Charleston, SC  (Via US 17)
Western Terminus:  Portal, ND  (Canadian Border)

NC Miles:  155
SC Miles:  158
Nationaly:  2,072

NC Bannered Routes
One Business Route

  • Mount Airy (6 miles)

    SC Bannered Routes
    One Spur Route
  • Charleston (3 miles)

    The first thing you'll notice is that in North & South Carolina, it is signed North/South instead of East/West. Even though it goes against the rules, this actually makes good sense given the way it goes through the Carolinas. In the Triad Area, even the exit ramps are numbered from south to north; though this will change when I-74 is complete between Mount Airy and Winston-Salem.

    One of the oddities that US 52 has is a Spur route in Charleston. This was actually a recent change, it use to be Alternate US 52. Though it might serve a purpose, I feel that US Highways should not have Spur routes.

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