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U.S. 321

Northern Terminus:  Elizabethton, TN  (Via US 19E/TN 67/91)
East-Southern Terminus:  Hardeeville, SC  (Via US 17)
West-Southern Terminus:  Eaton Crossroad, TN  (Via I-40)

NC Miles:  104
SC Miles:  218
Nationaly:  526

NC Bannered Routes
Two Business Routes
  • Lincolnton/Newton (32 miles)
  • Blowing Rock (2 miles)
    One Alternate Route
  • Lenoir (15 miles)
    One Truck Route
  • Boone (3 miles)
  •   SC Bannered Routes
    Three Business Routes
  • Winnsboro (4 miles)
  • Chester (3 miles)
  • York (3 miles)

  • Facts
    The only US Highway (I know of) that has two south end points.

    Another important x21 US route. Almost a four-lane highway from South Carolina to Boone, it is better routes to the mountains from the Charlotte area. However, it has several controversies that plague the highway.

    First is Newton, who were furious to loose the only US route through town when the old US 321 route became NC 155. To please the people of Newton, they changed the route into Business US 321. This, in my opinion was a bad idea. If anything, it should have been an alternate route since it goes through more rural land than the alternate route in Caldwell county (maybe flip'em?). Personally, I would have said "screw'em" and leave the route as NC 155.

    Second is Blowing Rock, who are trying to ditch US 321 from expanding into a four-lane highway through town. I personally don't blame'em though, several houses and business would have to go if the road went through the already by-pass route of town. I'm in favor of a new by-pass that will go completely around Blowing Rock with a tunnel under the Blue Ridge Parkway; I believe it would be faster and more scenic than going through town.

    The last one is not even in North Carolina, but in Tennessee. You guessed it, the US 321 change of designation to southbound in Elizabethton. What the Hell TennDOT? A suggestion to this is to change route from Elizabethton to Eaton Crossroad with a currently unused US Highway number, like maybe US 323 or US 370.

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