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U.S. 158

Eastern Terminus:  Whalebone, NC  (Via US64/264/NC 12)
Western Terminus:  Mocksville, NC  (Via US64/601)
Total Miles:  360  (All in NC)

Bannered Routes
Five Business Routes

  • Reidsville (5 miles)
  • Oxford (3 miles)
  • Henderson (8 miles)
  • Murfreesboro (4 miles)
  • Gatesville (5 miles)
    One Alternate Route
  • Warrenton (8 miles)

    It serves as a backbone east-west route in the very northern part of the state. Though it never did connected with its parent route, US 58, it does connect with US 258 at Murfreesboro. US 158 is also one of three routes (US 64/264) that go straight onto the Outer Banks. Not to mention that it makes a glorified end at Whalebone Junction with US 64 and US 264.

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