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North Carolina 93

Western Terminus:  Mouth of Wilson, VA  (Via US 58)
Eastern Terminus:  Twin Oaks, NC  (Via US 221)

NC Miles:  11
VA Miles:    1
Nationaly:  12

Bannered Routes

In North Carolina, it is a East-West route; but that changes in Virginia where it is a North-South route. So you could say it has a Eastern and Northern Terminus. Also, at the state line, the North Line Trace (NC Bike Hwy 4) begins.

I found it humourious that the road before you cross the bridge over the New River had speed strips on it. Even more interesting was the fact that Virginia didn't even have a state line sign, only a county sign. North Carolina did have a state line sign, but the day I visited it was down; apperently by a tree. I didn't go further east from Piney Creek, opting for the more straight NC 113 instead.


Northern Terminus (04/07/01)

First Sign South (04/07/01)

It got the Smack Down! (04/07/01)

Virginia State Line (04/07/01)

Straight or Right (04/07/01)

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