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North Carolina 88

Eastern Terminus:  Laurel Springs, NC  (Via NC 18)
Western Terminus:  Near Trade, TN  (Tennessee State Line)
Total Miles: 34

Bannered Routes

At the state line, NC 88 becomes TN 67 (secondary road, not primary) and continues towards Trade.

Similar to US 221 in the area, NC 88 goes an east-west route along creeks and valleys in Alleghany, Ashe, and Watauga counties. Oddly, you wouldn't know you were on it unless you read the map, it has a habbit of not having any highway signs along the route. Also, one of the least maintain roads from Jefferson to the state line.


Eastern Terminus (04/07/01)

NC Scenic Byway (04/07/01)

Western Terminus (04/07/01)

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