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N.C. 62

Northern Terminus:  Near Danville, VA  (Via US 58/360)
Southern Terminus:  Thomasville, NC  (Via NC 109)

NC Miles:  87
VA Miles:    4
Nationaly:  91

NC Bannered Routes

NC 62 is one of those roads that people wouldn't know it existed unless you got lost. Other than it's drive through Burlington, it's a typical backroad route. There is only two reasons you would probably travel this road: Visit the Alamance Battleground (which goes right through it) and/or visit the small town of Climax. The only shocker is that it actually makes its way into Virginia, something that has eluded several more important North Carolina Highways. Not surprising is that it ends as soon as it enters the state.


Southern Terminus (03/06/01)

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