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N.C. 54

Eastern Terminus:  Raleigh, NC  (Via I-440/US 1)
Western Terminus:  Burlington, NC  (Via US 70/NC 62)
Total Miles: 49

Bannered Routes

One of the things I don't like is how I-40/85 has a sign saying Chapel Hill, even though I-40 goes on to Chapel Hill itself. It is a nice road though, a very relaxing country road from Graham to Chapel Hill. It's important though to the fact that it goes through UNC-Chapel Hill and ends almost at NC State's front door. I do think though they could have routed the road into Raleigh and have it end... say US 70 again.

In the second picture, you may not be able to see it well, but the sign behind West NC 54 is Junction NC 54. Just another goof by NCDOT!


Eastern Terminus (03/10/01)

West and Jct?!? (03/10/01)

Western Terminus (03/10/01)

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